My Married Lover

My Married Lover

B.K. Wright

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PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: gay male, gay fiction, gay erotica, short story, love, romance, longing, passion

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COPYRIGHT B.K. Wright/2010

Davin and Marcus had been good friends, best friends in fact, for as long as they good remember. They had gone to college together, and Marcus had been the best man at Davin’s wedding, a wedding which Davin had agreed to as an expected part of his future. Marcus watched with envy as Davin took his vows. He was envious of the bride. Marcus would have done anything to have been standing in her place, vowing to love Davin for the rest of his life. He knew that he would anyway.
Marcus was staying for only a week this year and on Thursday before his scheduled departure, he and Davin were enjoying the breeze of the Pacific and sharing a bottle of wine. Davin never used to drink so much, thought Marcus. It was beautiful out here with clear skies and bright stars. When the wind brushed against Marcus’ skin, it made him think how great it would be to sit there naked with the wind flowing over their bodies. He hadn’t realized that he had said this out loud until Davin turned to him and said, “Let’s do it,” with that gorgeous smile of his shining as brightly as the stars. Davin stood up and stripped his clothes off, and Marcus once again saw that youthful enthusiasm in him that he feared was gone forever. Marcus stood up and tossed his clothes aside as well. Maybe it was the wine or maybe it was the fact that Marcus had felt alone for a long time, but he suddenly had the overwhelming urge to hug Davin. Marcus walked over to Davin and put his arms around him which Davin accepted, and hugged back longer than Marcus had expected. Just as Marcus was ready to break the hug, he felt Davin’s arms slide firmly up and down his back, sending electric charges through his body. Davin’s arms finally rested just above Marcus’ ass. To Marcus’ surprise, he could feel Davin’s erection pressing against his stomach and he began thinking the thoughts that he hadn’t in quite some time, of him and Davin together as a couple. Marcus leaned back slightly and looked at Davin’s face and saw a look of total contentment which he hadn’t seen before. Davin’s eyes were closed and his lips were slightly open, smiling. When Marcus brought his face back close to Davin’s, he could feel Davin’s breath on his cheek. Marcus kissed Davin’s cheek and then slowly moved to his mouth. Their mouths met in the most tender kiss that Marcus’ had ever experienced.
Davin was shaking as his legs began to give out. Marcus eased him down and laid him on the floor. Davin’s heart was pounding. Marcus laid his hand on Davin’s chest and lay beside him. “It’s okay, Davin,” he whispered. Davin’s body quieted as Marcus lay next to him. Davin whispered to Marcus whose head was on his chest. “I love you, Marcus. I want you to know that.” Marcus rubbed Davin’s chest. “I want you now, Marcus, more than ever, more than before.” Marcus looked up at Davin. “I love you too, Davin.” Davin looked at Marcus and knew that he had meant what he said. They saw passion in each other’s eyes and a longing for what they had never had, until now.


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