Kingsley and I

Kingsley and I

Gary Martine

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It is said that in a lifetime, a person may be lucky enough to experience true love, greater than the physical body, that eventually evolves into lifelong companionship. This is the an electrifying erotic love story between two men, one gay, the other hesitantly bisexual, that would irrevocably dominate the rest of their lives..
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I first noticed him in a meeting, another inconspicuous face in a continuously chattering crowd. I didn't like the crowd, or the continuous chattering for that matter. It awakened an unpleasant, 'being watched over my shoulder' feeling, a sort of itchy tingling that begins between my shoulder blades and which, when left to its own devices, creeps up until the hairs on my neck begin to rise. I didn't want to be there, but it finally came to me with a sense of unavoidable finality; I am...and so is he. I must have seen him flicking in and out of my peripheral vision several times, before I actually noticed and then become fully aware of him. His presence was so strong he already seemed not unfamiliar. Kingsley is...well, simply not forgettable. It isn't just me; he affects almost everyone he comes into contact with that same way. It's his eyes. I think we both felt drawn to one another, because after the usual social greetings, the crowd, the chattering, everything drifted into a nondescript background mist that seemed to create space just for the two of us, and his voice ' his deep, liquid voice. We spent the evening desperately searching for commonalities: some people we'd both heard of, places we'd both like to have visited, things we both liked to do. The evening never ended for me. It simply opened a space in the fabric of time and space within my heart that never closed. 10 August Kingsley calls and asks me if I would like to go out for coffee or tea. Can he drop by my house and walk with me to somewhere nearby? I can't believe that such an intelligent, handsome, kind, gentle man like Kingsley actually remembered me. Me! We will be together, just him and me, at my house, on a walk and then at a coffee shop, at least for a short while. What can I possibly talk to him about that we haven't already discussed? What will he want to do? I continue packing for my impending business trip, clean the house and take a shower, increasingly aware of how important his presence is becoming in my life. The doorbell chimes. As soon as I open it and see him standing there, my face - my whole body - flushes hot. Damn! I invite him in, and we talk about where we will go, but I am quickly exhausted from the potent combination of fear and excitement. I mention how stressful this week has been for me and he mentions the same. I ask if it's OK to delay tea awhile and, instead take a brief rest. I ask if he would like to join me, and then become flustered when he says, "Yeah." I stretch out on the couch, and then realize there is no room for him. Hesitantly, I ask if he would be OK resting together on the bed in the next room instead. Again, he casually agrees. I ask him to wait a moment, and I go into my bedroom and prepare. I take off my clothes, climb into bed, grasp the crisp, clean sheets tightly about my neck and call him. Kingsley walks confidently into the bedroom, takes off his clothes in front of me and climbs directly into my bed. Kingsley is beside me. Scared and suddenly growing cold, I move nearer to him, and rub my seemly frozen feet on his warm body. Kingsley extends his arm and makes a place for me. I cuddle into it, enjoying the warmth of his body all along mine. We talk like this for a while, resting yet restless, all the while knowing that sleep won't'can't'come. Kingsley invites me closer. I think to myself that I should be revolted by all of this. I should fight, or at the very least, least initially. As I think about what I should do, my body draws itself closer to his, until my leg is snuggled between his and brushes against what is clearly an erection. We lie quietly together. I listen to his slow, rhythmic breathing and the strong beat of his heart, until drowsiness begins at last to overtake my anxiety. I put my arm around his chest and we rest a while longer, our bodies loosely entwined. Kingsley turns his head and whispers in my ear: Would I like to make love together? I roll over onto his chest, my hands on his shoulders, arms extended, searching his beautiful eyes, and decide. Yes, I would like to try, though I have no experience with how to go about it. I reach to the side and remove the single condom I keep at hand from the dresser next to the bed, and sheepishly hand it to him. What must he think of me? I roll off him and to the side, looking constantly at his face for any sign of his feelings. But Kingsley, smiling that warm, inviting smile I so love, simply opens the condom and carefully rolls it along the length of his penis. As he looks back up at me, I suddenly realize that I have been staring down at his up-curved member. Blushing again, I suddenly know what to do and wonder how this gorgeous, huge, long tool will fit into me. I feel frightened ' my hands and feet become ice cold again'but I follow his lead and roll onto my side, facing away from him. Kingsley turns towards me and carefully parts my buttocks, slides a finger between them and begins gently stroking my anus. It immediately contracts, and a wave of pure adrenaline races though my body. I grip the sheets in my hands as he slowly inserts a wet finger through the outer, and finally inner anal muscles, until it rests just inside them. I wonder why my body doesn't panic and pull away, why I don't at least resist or scream, but my body clearly has a will of its own and seems to involuntarily relax around his finger until he slips it slowly out. Immediately I feel a huge, wet, rubbery firmness replace his fingertip and begin pushing against me, seeking the receptive space that his finger has just made. The mushroom-like head of his circumcised penis quickly pops through one and then the other anal muscle, continuing its gradual penetration in small jerks. I squirm and begin to pull away from him, voicing something between an "ow" and an "Aah." Kingsley suddenly stops and then begins to pull out. I try to protest, assuming this is just all part of 'virgin' sex, and quietly invite him to try again. With the heightening desire, my anus suddenly seems more open...wetter and more receptive. Kingsley carefully positions himself and reenters me, this time in one smooth motion, sliding further into me than before. I flex my knees slightly, pushing lightly against his penis to drive it deeper, but my movements seem awkward and uncoordinated. I try to roll over onto my stomach and get him on top of me, but Kingsley grasps my hips tightly and instead, gets me to rest with the head of his penis just inside my inner anal muscle. My desire intensifying more with every moment and movement, I begin to rub my own penis on the sheets between my legs, until Kingsley realizes what I'm doing and says firmly, "No," positioning me further back on my side, with the head of his penis again resting barely inside of me. After a few minutes, he slowly withdraws'firm, pulsing, and engorged'out of me. I can't believe that's it. I realize now that I wanted to have him enter me more decisively, to push the whole length of his shaft inside of me and come. I want, I want, I want, but perhaps, in spite of my newly awakening self-centered desire, Kingsley knows what I need at this moment. Instead, he begins kissing me lightly all over my body. I try to push him gently away, but soon find myself shuddering with each touch of his cool, wet lips, slowly moving from the intense heat of desire, to a general feeling of warmth and caring. After several minutes, Kingsley whispers that our 'nap' is over and it's time for us to get up, get dressed, go out and talk for awhile over hot tea. Hmmm. This isn't what I had imagined it would be like. But I not only like it, I am fully aware that reality in Kingsley's embrace is better than any possible fantasy. At tea, I notice myself talking up a storm'like we actually do have so much to talk about together. I can't believe that just a few hours before, I feared I would be unable to think of anything to say. As we talk now of trivialities, I find my ears, my head, my very heart attuning to the sound of his every word, the texture of his voice, the brush of his clothing, his smallest facial change. My body is crying to be touched, soothed, stroked...surely my voice and body are asking him even now to please, please seduce me'again. Eventually, our talk turns to my upcoming business trip. Kingsley wants to know if I will think of him while I am away, but I can already think of little else.

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