I Kissed a Boy

I Kissed a Boy

Addison Avery

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Paul and Adam are trying to forge a relationship after years of unrequited desire.

But their path isn't easy. Paul should have told Adam he sold his body to those seeking pleasure. He commanded premium rates to those who could afford him, but fear kept his mouth shut. Adam wouldn't understand and Paul couldn't stomach the idea of his love thinking less of him.

How can he make Adam understand and find a satisfying way to earn a living and keep Adam in his life?

PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-283-3
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Erotica, Multiple Partners, Romantic Fiction, Contemporary
KEYWORDS: gay, menage, multiple partners, contemporary

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EBOOKS BY Addison Avery

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Adam hurried across the room and jerked the curtains open. He’d closed them before he left the room but now wanted them open, certain the gesture would stall the erotic acts set to begin.

"That’s not going to stop me," Paul said, pursuing him. He stalked forward, loosening his tie as he walked. "And you know it. You don’t want me to stop. I understand you so well, Adam Taylor. Better than anyone.

"You’re running scared. What you want most is to put our first time behind you. Then, you won’t feel what you’re experiencing right now." With a sudden wink he said, "And fortunately for you, I can help you out. I know what I’m doing."

Adam swallowed tightly. What the hell was he feeling right now? How did Paul understand his emotions when he didn’t have the ability to understand them?

"How about that beer?" Adam reached for it and Paul immediately set two bottles on the dresser.

"How about that kiss?" Paul asked, his voice loaded with sex appeal.

"What...." Kiss?

Adam only muttered the first word before his question fell on the most sensual mouth he’d ever known. Before he could whisper another syllable, Paul took a leap with confidence and their lips crashed together. Paul pushed him against the large picture window, his hands gripping Adam’s as he shoved them high above his head.

The heavy breathing started all at once. Paul laced their fingers together and pressed his palms against Adam’s. He sipped at his lips. "That’s it. Let me have you, sugar. I know what I’m doing."

Adam didn’t doubt anything Paul said. Not for a second. "I don’t." Air was an expense he shouldn’t have to forfeit. Adam gasped when his lips parted and Paul’s tongue darted in and out of his mouth.

Adam never participated in a sexier kiss. Paul tapped the end of his tongue and licked it slowly, engaging only the tip. The ritual reminded him of how Marsha typically dragged her tongue across his dick when she swiped the pre-cum from the head.

Paul stopped kissing him. "What are you thinking?"

Adam cleared his throat. "Your tongue is wicked."

"You liked that, did ya?"

Paul still had the boyish good looks to match his mischievous nature. Holding his tongue against a full upper lip and, with a lustful expression working out an announcement of an indescribable appetite, Paul released one of Adam’s arms and at the same time clutched his waist.
Quite deliberately, Paul slammed their bodies together, looping his fingers under Adam’s slick leather belt and tugging him forward until their lower halves mashed together.

Grinding against Paul’s cock, Adam looked down at the incredible show of size swelling between them. "Oh my God, I’m going to explode."

Excitement bulged hot in his pants, straining against his zipper until he wanted to rip it down and show Paul how much he wanted him. He probably shouldn’t bother. With the rise in both of their pants, soon they’d hear more than the mere popping of threads.

"I told you, I’ll lead," Paul reassured him, dropping to his knees and quickly freeing Adam’s cock. "Yeah, that’s it. Let me take care of you."

Adam pressed his head against the glass behind them. He gritted his teeth, grating his molars until they squeaked. "Stop," he muttered, breathless.

"Are you drunk?" Paul glanced up long enough to ask the question.

"No, of course not, I’ve only had the beer you saw me drink but..."

"Then, I ain’t stoppin’," Paul drawled. "You know what you want. We’ve talked about this and now—right now—is the perfect opportunity to put some action behind those words. Show me they weren’t empty, baby."

Adam’s zipper fell and the top button parted ways with the material. Paul reached inside of Adam’s slacks and gently uncurled his cock. The head of his penis landed at Paul’s lips.

Adam gasped but to his surprise, his palm flattened against the top of Paul’s head. Yes, this was exactly what he wanted...Paul Harrison on bended knees.


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