Galveston Nights

Galveston Nights

B.K. Wright

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CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Inspirational, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: gay fiction, gay erotica, gay love, gay romance, fiction, erotica, romance

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Ely found himself boldly inviting this man he had just met. “I’ll do that,” Quentin didn’t hesitate to reply, followed by a wink. Ely looked away quickly as he found himself starting to blush from the wink, although he wasn’t sure why. Quentin lay back and closed his eyes, enjoying the sun’s rays on his skin. Ely sat up and leaned against his beach chair and began to read some more of his book. He couldn’t seem to concentrate on the words he was reading, however. He couldn’t stop looking at Quentin. Ely thought he was absolutely gorgeous. He was well read, too, which made Ely want to talk to him even more, as he too was a voracious reader.

Quentin lifted Ely up and out of the water until he was sitting on the edge of the hot tub. As he did so, his swim trunks slid completely off his legs and were lost in the warm water. Ely was embarrassed because now there was no mistaking that Quentin could see everything that had until now been hidden. “Lie back, Ely,” Quentin said, and laid Ely onto the deck, his legs remaining in the water. Ely lay on the deck looking up at the stars and closed his eyes. He knew that no part of him was hidden from Quentin now, and had no idea what was going to happen next.

Quentin lay beside Ely so that they were facing each other. Quentin loved Ely, or thought he did. He had been in relationships in the past that did not last, but was determined to make this one work. If Ely would have him, he would be his to the end. He wanted to ask Ely how he felt about him, but was afraid of the answer. Although he was just a few years older than Ely, Quentin had had so much more experience with relationships. This was the first real relationship Ely had known, and Quentin hoped that it would be the last.

Almost an hour had gone by and he still had not seen Quentin. He couldn’t imagine that Quentin would still be in the shower, and thought maybe he should check on him. He slowly made his way back to the bedroom and could hear the shower water running full blast, with the door of the shower wide open. Ely was confused. He reached in and shut the water off, as Quentin was not in the shower, and Ely didn’t know where he was. “Quentin?” he asked timidly. There was no answer. “Quentin!” he said emphatically this time. Still no answer came. Ely looked around the bedroom. Where could Quentin have gone? he wondered. He looked around the huge bedroom. Slowly, he walked around to his side of the bed and entered the bathroom on that side of the room. He could hear the shower running there too. The door to the shower was closed. None of this made any sense whatsoever to Ely. The door had steamed up. He thought maybe Quentin had started the shower for him, but that still didn’t explain Quentin’s disappearance. Still, he thought he should probably turn off the water. He opened the door to the shower, and was shocked at what he saw. Quentin was curled into the fetal position on the floor. Ely quickly shut off the water, and bent down to where Quentin lay. “Quentin?” he asked quietly. Quentin was shaking as if he were very cold, despite the hot water that had been beating down upon him. “Quentin, are you okay?” Ely knew that he wasn’t okay. What was wrong? His eyes were shut, but tears were slowly seeping out from beneath the lids.

At this point Quentin somehow gathered the strength to sit up. He struggled to get Ely off of him, though clearly Ely had the advantage position with the ability to leverage himself against the bed. “Ely, what have you done?!” Quentin demanded. “I told you what would happen to me if I tried to get help here. You didn’t call an ambulance, did you?” “No, no Quentin. I didn’t. Please lie back down. Please stay calm.” Ely was pleading with him now. “Not until you tell me what you have done, Ely. Did you tell anyone?” “Quentin, I called my mother who will be here soon. But she understands, Quentin. I told her I was gay. I’m sure she assumes you are too. She knows people in the Northeast, as I told you earlier. Trust me, Quentin. Let her help.” “Ely, you fool. People always say they understand and can help, then turn on you when you are gay. You don’t understand what has happened to me.” Quentin was shaking visibly now, and Ely had no idea how to calm him. “I’m sorry, Quentin. I didn’t know what you might do to yourself. I needed the help. Please trust me on this one.” The apology seemed to help somewhat. Quentin began to relax. “What choice do I have, huh? You may have ruined me, Ely.”




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