Fun With Dick and Shane

Fun With Dick and Shane

Gillibran Brown

the life and times of a submissive houseboy

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Compiled from Gillibran Brown’s personal diaries this book will entertain and delight you.

Funny, insightful, and sexy.

Warning: explicit content

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The Story Of Friday

I awoke alone in the single room, having been banished there the night before because Dick and Shane said they did not want to share bed space with a surly brat. Fair enough. I didn’t want to share it with a couple of judgemental old farts and said so, but very quietly under my breath so they couldn’t hear. No way was I sending my pretty botty on a suicide mission. Judging from the moans and murmurs coming from the master bedroom they had been awake for some time before me. Padding across the landing I quietly opened the door, my guts contracting with jealousy as I observed them. They were oblivious to my presence, totally lost in each other. After watching for a few moments I quietly closed the door and went to the bathroom, using my fist to relieve my erection so I could pee, reviewing the scene in the bedroom with my minds eye to aid the process. Relieved and watered I pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and a t-shirt and went downstairs to begin my duties.

Shane eventually came into the kitchen trailing a tantalising tease of Yves St Laurent aftershave while adjusting the silver cufflinks he always wears in his work shirts. He spared me a glance.

“No breakfast for me this morning, Gilli. I have to run.”

I scowled, choosing to take his words as a personal slur, “I’ve made it now, and it won’t take you more than a few minutes to have a bite.”

“I’m sorry, cub, but I need to get going. I’m running late as it is.”

“Waste of time hauling my bum out of bed at six to make you breakfast you don’t eat.”

He shot me a warning look from flinty green eyes. “Don’t start, apart from anything else it’s your job to haul your bum out of bed at six to make me breakfast, regardless of whether I eat it or not.” He pulled on his jacket and then made to reach for me prior to kissing me goodbye.

I sidestepped him. “It’s not my JOB to accept false affection and besides, you’re running late. God forbid you waste a precious fucking second on me.” I hissed, as his hand slapped a single harsh reprimand onto the side of my bare thigh.

“Lose that attitude, Gillibran, because I’m heartily sick of it. I’ll see you this evening.”

He matched the harsh slap with a harsh kiss and then he was gone, well most of him. With his kiss still stinging my lips, I flopped down on a chair and stared at the red handprint stinging my left thigh. It was a perfect copy of his right hand; all digits including the thumb were present. I laid my own smaller hand on top of it, as if trying to hold it. I then stared at his place at the table: the neatly folded napkin, the un-drunk orange juice and freshly brewed black coffee, the uneaten scrambled egg and lightly done toast. It looked forlorn and abandoned. My eyes stung.

“Don’t take it personally, he’s got a lot on today.”

I looked up to see Dick leaning against the doorjamb; brown hair sweetly mussed, arms folded.

“He made plenty of time to shaft your brains out.” I snatched up the plate of scrambled eggs and stood up, stalking over to the bin with it. “I don’t see why he couldn’t have made some time for me. I mean it’s not like your arse is going to be scarce over the next week is it.” I tipped the cold flaccid mass into the pedal bin snapping, “there’s juice, coffee, cereal and toast on the table, help yourself, or do like Shane did and ignore it because he was too busy sticking you to make time for my pathetic offering. He knows I look forward to having breakfast with him, but my feelings apparently don’t count. I’m going to get dressed.” Savagely dumping the plate on top of the eggs I made to exit the kitchen. Dick caught my arm, spun me round and slapped my bottom hard several times. After making me retrieve the plate from the bin he dragged me back to the table.

“You’re onto a hiding to nothing carrying on like this,” he sat down pulling me firmly onto his knee and putting his arms around my waist, “or should I just say a hiding. Shane is running out of patience and so am I. You’ve been a miserable pestilence all week. It’s like living with a hormone-encrusted teenager. Why didn’t you join us in bed this morning? We usually have to fend you off with a stick when it comes to sex.”

“You didn’t look like you’d welcome company. Shane was into you like you were about to become an extinct species.”

“Cutting your nose off to spite your face in other words.” Dick gazed at me solemnly, “listen, I want you to be nice to Shane this evening. He’s tired. He’s had a heavy week at work and he needs to come home to a peaceful haven and domestic harmony, not to someone with a sour face and an attitude to match.”

“He didn’t tell me he was tired, or that he’s had a heavy week. He doesn’t tell me anything. He’s hardly spared me the time of day lately, except to criticise.”

“Stop it, Gil, stop looking for reasons to be annoyed with him. It’s not fair. He doesn’t like fretting you that’s all. Besides you’re the one that’s hardly spared him the time of day, because you’ve been too busy wallowing in resentment. Be a good boy today and do your work properly.” He stroked my face with elegant fingers, “do something special for dinner, make the dining room welcoming and we’ll have a lovely evening together, yes?”

I nodded and tried to produce a smile, but it was swept away on a riptide of tears, not even a life raft could have saved it. “Do you think about me when you’re away,” I put my arms round him, sobbing into his neck, “or is it like I don’t exist? Are you happier without me, do you regret that I came into your lives, do you want it to be just the two of you again?”

“Aw, baby,” he rubbed my back. “We’ve been through all this, time and time again. You’re just needlessly tormenting yourself. Of course we think about you and no we’re not happier without you. We’re just something different. We need to do this, honey. Shane and I need to do this. It strengthens us and we need to be strong, not just for each other, but also for you. Shane and I are the core of this relationship, we have to be certain of each other and we need time alone to renew ourselves and reconnect.”

“I know I’m being a selfish, immature little prick, and I’m sorry.” I tried unsuccessfully to stem the flow, “but I can’t help it.”

He cuddled me while softly singing a refrain from a Gershwin song that he’d improvised just for me, “your Daddies are rich and they’re both good lookin' so hush pretty baby, don’t you cry.” When I was more composed he stroked a sensuous hand along my thigh, “no more tears now.” The hand slipped inside the leg of my boxers where my cock sprang eagerly to greet it. He kissed my tearstained face and gave me a little wink, “come on, my slutty little boy. Come to bed and have some fun with dick.”


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