Bryl R. Tyne

The Zagzagel Diaries

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An unconventional guardian angel attempts to keep his gay charge from committing suicide, while wrestling with his own personal issues. This is the first in the Zagzagel Diaries series.

PUBLISHED BY: Untreed Reads Publishing
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Fantasy, Inspirational, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: angels, angels intervening, gay fiction, glbt, glbt fiction, guardian angel, guardian angels

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Just do it . . . .How apropos.
Above the nineteenth floor, on the verge of his nineteenth birth date, he stepped up onto the ledge, steadied his balance. Perspiration and tears trickled evenly along his chiseled face. Eyes, once stunning blue, dulled with each spent teardrop.
Perched less than a shoulder's width away, I listened. His most private thoughts were not immune to me or my prying. Lord—meant with the utmost respect, of course—the man was a work of art. Absolutely beyond compare.
As was his pain, or so he thought.
I had endured far worse, though not mortal, than anything he was capable of imagining. Agony and confusion engulfed him, inflamed his need for relief. Forsaken—he privately professed.
Obviously, I'd failed at instilling my fine wrangling spirit.
Feathers ruffled. My shoulders tightened. Apparently, my guidance wasn't worth a flip these days. With a stretch and a snap, loose underlining flew in the air about me, fluttering, drifting on the breeze. Despite knowing the young man's agony, his naivety sickened me.
Try living the pain of ten thousand lifetimes, I desperately wished to tell him.
What I wouldn't give for an hour in his shoes, fifteen minutes inside that skin-tight material covering such perfectly honed thighs. He was so beautiful, so mortal, so intelligent—
"Just. One. Step." As his garbling knocked me from my reverie, his right foot slipped.
All right. I concede—he was a fuc-king moron.
Wings refolded neatly, I appeared beside his unsure legs and, with a stretch, settled, ass on the cool stone, feet dangling free over the edge. "It's a doozy."
His body trembled. With fear or anticipation, I wasn't sure which. For such a young pup, he had balls of steel. I'd give him that. He didn't as much as flinch at the sound of my voice nor turn to eye me as he asked, "What's it to you?"
What was it to me? More like, what was he to me, though I'd never confess. That revelation, I must do everything in my power to ensure never left my lips.
From before he'd taken his first breath, I was there—as watcher, as guardian—ensuring no harm befell even one lock of his hair. Wasn't my idea to pamper him though—to spoil the kid to—to this point of misadventure. If I'd had my way, I would've let him learn from a few tangles, maybe get bullied a time or two—you know, toughen him up a bit.


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