Father Figure

Father Figure

Shannon Pearce

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A Beau to Beau Romance short story
Sensual and Sexual, with Passion, Pleasure, and Longing


Lucas got his way, just like he always did. Luke was Janice’s baby brother, and being married to Janice, Jerry just had to accept the fact that Luke was part of a package deal. Jerry didn’t know that the kid thought of him as a big brother, or father figure, and wasn’t thrilled to be either. He wouldn’t have minded being either, except for one slight problem. Jerry was turned on by the kid. Jerry’s wife had known of Jerry’s bisexuality, but Jerry hadn’t been with a man since they had married. When Jerry and Lucas are alone on Saturdays while Janice is working, Luke tells Jerry quite a bit more about himself than Jerry wants to know.

PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: gay fiction, fiction, gay erotica, erotica, short stories, gay romance, bisexuality

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Janice gave in to Lucas yet again when he had wanted to stay with them for awhile, had given in to him like she always had given in to her little brother, and so Lucas had come to Los Angeles, just like he had wanted to do.

When Lucas arrived, he looked exactly like Jerry had remembered him. But then, it had only been a year since he had seen him. He still wore that same leather jacket, tight jeans, a real James Dean. He brought along his electric guitar, an expensive gift from Janice last Christmas. Luke was about Jerry’s height of 5’10”, had brown hair that was thick and always perfectly groomed, with sky blue eyes, and was trying desperately to grow a moustache which was mostly fuzz so far.

Luke loved to be the center of attention, and strutted around playing his electric guitar, imitating all the moves of his favorite rock star idols. Janice would tell him how great he was, and how all the girls would be throwing themselves on stage to get close to him. Jerry wouldn’t say anything, but was thinking that the kid should grow up and get a real job.

After Luke had been with Jerry and Janice for a few days, and after they had heard all his latest music, Jerry and Lucas had gotten the chance to talk over dinner and stuff, and Jerry realized that Lucas wasn’t such a bad kid, just hadn’t had the chance to be on his own yet and become his own person instead of trying to imitate some movie star or rock star, or whoever was his latest idol.


Jerry said, “Bet you keep the girls happy with that thing, huh? Better watch who you stick that thing to.”

Lucas was so wrapped up in trying to play it cool that he didn't even know what Jerry had meant for a minute, but then he laughed and said that no one had ever complained. Jerry watched Lucas openly now. He had already been caught, so what the hell. He still tried not to stare, but had a hard time not staring. “I’ll bet you keep your girlfriend happy, too.”

“Don’t have a girl, but no one's ever complained,” Lucas grinned, wondering if Jerry would catch what he was really saying. Jerry wondered if the young stud was trying to tell him something, but then thought that the gay porn flick was giving him the idea. “No way this kid’s gay,” he said to himself.


Finally, Luke asked, “Hey, buddy, if I tell you something, will you promise to keep it a secret?”

Jerry agreed. “Sure, Luke, what’s on your mind?” “You can’t tell anyone, not even Janice.” Jerry agreed. “What can you possibly say that’s so awful?” He said, “You like me, right?” “Yeah, buddy.” He said, “You won't after I tell you what I’m about to tell you.” “Why not, buddy?” Jerry was really concerned about his wife’s brother now. “What did you do, kill somebody?” Jerry was joking.


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