Duck Fart

Duck Fart

Jade Buchanan

Del Fantasma

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Keith Malone is incredibly content. He loves coming around Del Fantasma… great food, great company, and a decent place to rest his soul when he needs it. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Cody lets him dust off his carpenter skills with the odd job here and there.

Bailey Mitchell is incredibly nervous. He's come all this way to San Diego, following up on a chance encounter that happened months earlier, and now he doesn't know what to do. One glance and it's obvious Adam's already taken. What's a lonely Siamese shifter to do?

Drake McKale is incredibly grouchy. He's sick and tired of every shifter he's run across making fun of him. Hey, duck's have feelings too! So what if he's smaller than everyone else? Spoiling for a fight he can actually win, he decides to pick on the shy, little kitty in the corner. Only, Drake never reckoned the diminutive cat would proposition him. Or that the big human in the corner would want in on the action.

One part burly human, one part shy Siamese shifter and one part twinky (and kinky) duck shifter… layer together and enjoy!

PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-275-8
CATEGORIES: ManLove, BDSM, Erotica, Paranormal, Vampires / Werewolves, Shape-shifter, Multiple Partners, Contemporary
KEYWORDS: gay, menage, shapeshifter, Del Fantasma, erotic romance

EBOOKS BY Aspen Mountain Press

EBOOKS BY Jade Buchanan

COPYRIGHT Jade Buchanan/2010

Keith frowned into his Guinness, tired and achy. He’d put in a long day, so it was a good thing he could sit back and relax now. Glancing up, he met Cody’s twinkling gaze. The other man didn’t say a word, but Keith relaxed all the same. Damn, he loved coming here. Nothing quite like sitting back with a few beers and watching a game.

Place was crowded tonight. Keith had to school himself not to shift in place. He hated being boxed in, but not much he could do about it. Although, damn, he didn’t mind the sweet thing beside him. Little guy could press up against him any day.

Cody snorted. Keith rolled his eyes, knowing his friend knew exactly what he was thinking. He hated that the other man could read him so well. Not literally, of course. At least he hoped the vamp wasn’t a mind reader. He was just really good at figuring people out. Right?

It’d taken him aback, when he first found out exactly what Cody was, but Keith had been raised on the fringes of the supe community, so a vampire or two wasn’t going to freak him out. Keith took a sip of ale, not sure exactly who he was trying to convince.

Sweet thing suddenly stumbled back, hitting Keith’s chest. A pained sound reached his ears. Keith wrapped an arm around the slim chest, holding the guy steady for a moment.

"You okay?" he murmured, leaning down so the other man could hear him.


Yeah, right. Who was he trying to fool? Keith didn’t have to be a supe to know when someone was lying to him. He patted the guy's chest, finally releasing him. "You want a drink?"

"I don’t drink." His voice was pitched low, but there was no hiding the soft yowl that escaped after.

Turning around, the diminutive cutie glanced up at Keith, blinking clear blue eyes. Damn, pretty boy. His features were vaguely Asian, smooth cheeks and red, pouty lips giving him a youthful - damn near jailbait - appearance. Had to be legal, though. No one under-age was stupid enough to try and get in when Cody ran the joint.

Keith licked his bottom lip, hoping his hungry growl was hidden by the noise around them. By the widening of jailbait’s eyes, he knew the other man had heard. Keith leaned in closer, furrowing his brow as he looked at the top of the man’s head. At first glance Keith had thought his hair was dyed platinum. But no, it was white. With shades of gray and pink. Strange.

Unable to help himself, Keith raised a hand, petting the soft pelt of hair. He growled again, knowing for damn sure everyone around them heard. That wasn’t hair. Fur. The little one had fur on the top of his head. Silky soft, warm to the touch, bringing up images of that velvety fur brushing his thighs as jailbait kissed his way up…fuck. Great, no way the supe’s around him weren’t going to notice that either. His cock was hard enough to pound nails and he was probably giving off pheromones like crazy. Just from a single image of jailbait blowing him.

"What’s your name?" He slid his hand down casually draping it over jailbait’s shoulder.

The little one looked nervously over said shoulder, turning back to him with a twitch. What was that all about?


"Well, hello Bailey. I’m Keith."

Bailey once again looked over his shoulder. Okay, what the fuck? Keith tried to look out over the crowd, see what the pretty little thing was so nervous about. Was someone bothering him? He couldn’t hold back his scowl. He didn’t like the thought of anyone hurting this guy.

"Hi." Little one - Bailey - ducked his head, looking up at him under a fringe of pale lashes.

"So, you don’t drink?" He inhaled, trying to bring in the scent of the other man. It was too crowded in here, though, and his human nose definitely wasn’t up to distinguishing Bailey’s scent from all the others. Damn.

"Not really. Well, I do, but I wasn’t sure..." He glanced over his shoulder again, a look of despair filling his eyes before he blinked and tried to cover it with a crooked grin. "Actually, a drink sounds perfect."

All his protective instincts surged to the forefront. Keith wasn’t sure what was bothering Bailey, but he was determined to find out.


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