Dawn of The Seraphs

Dawn of The Seraphs

Adrianne Brennan

Immortal Fire

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 Tamar is a Seraph, a member of an influential organization of powerful psychics known as ANGEL. Seraphs are humans who have evolved to have varying psychic abilities. Possessing a greater lifespan and intelligence than ordinary humans, Seraphs within ANGEL grow to their full potential through study and practice.

In the year 4287 on planet Earth, ANGEL has deteriorated to become the harbor of the bored elite. A small but passionate rebellion rises to take back the power they once held. In pursuit of his own dreams, Tamar is caught in the chaotic struggle for evolution, power, and to define the greater good.

Kir, an old rival from his days as an apprentice within ANGEL, resurfaces, threatening to shred Tamar’s world into bits...along with his heart. Their ideals clash, and a bitter fight ensues between them. Can Tamar’s courage save Kir from the darkness which plagues him while remaining true to himself and what he holds dear?

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-402-6
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Fantasy
KEYWORDS: loveyoudivine, alterotica, Adrianne Brennan, Immortal Fire, paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, futuristic, conspiracy, m/m, queer, homosexual, gay, malexma

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 “I chose you for this mission for a reason. You’ve got potential, serious potential. And it disgusts me to see you squander it on petty bullshit assignments. You’re wasting away in ANGEL, Tam, and it’s not right.”

            Now Kir’s feigning concern. Does he think I’m stupid? Does he think I don’t remember how he treated me all throughout my time in ANGEL academy? “Oh, I get it, all right.” Tamar let out a short laugh. “You think I’m pathetic. When this is all over, you’ll have your laugh, I’m sure.”

            Kir just grinned at him. “If I wanted to laugh, I’d be laughing now. Trust me.”

            Something inside Tamar snapped, and his left first shot forward in an attempt to punch Kir in the face. But Kir was too fast for him, and he managed to get both of Tamar’s wrists pinned to the wall.

            The rest of the motions went by in a blur. Tamar struggling, Kir shouting. Kir’s face smashing into his own. By accident? No, not by accident. Kir’s lips on his. The touch seared Tamar to the core. Their mouths pressed together, and both heat and tongues mingled into a delightful haze.

            Oh hell, this can’t be happening. Kir is kissing me...?

            And oh, it felt good. Tamar was on fire, his cock hard and throbbing in his pants. How long had it been since he had a partner? Way too long.

            The air smelled of spice, sex, and sweat. Tamar could make out the underlying hint of cloves from Kir’s cologne. Wrists now free, his hands tangled themselves in Kir’s hair. Ha, it won’t be neat anymore after this. Bet he frantically combs it after sex so he doesn’t have bedhead.

            Kir ripped open the front of Tamar’s pants and yanked them down, freeing his erection from the bondage of clothing.

            (I’m dying to find out how you taste. Shall I find out?)

            Tamar sucked in his breath. Was this Kir’s intention all along? Blow his mind, then blow him? I’ll never understand this guy as long as I live, and I’m going to be living a damned long time....



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