Craving Julian

Craving Julian

Shannon Pearce

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Julian and Rick have been together for awhile now and are happy, but Rick is gone much of the time on business trips to exotic and romantic locations. Julian trusts Rick, but Julian is not to be trusted. Julian loves sex, and cannot wait for Rick to return when his sexual cravings must be satisfied. His weakness is younger men and one such younger man is Rick’s stepbrother, Chas. Rick and Chas are not related by blood, though Rick thinks of him as family nonetheless. He has no idea that Julian has wanted the smug sharp-tongued Chas for awhile now, and would be shocked if he knew. With Chas living with Julian while Rick is out of the country for two weeks, Julian may not be able to control his sexual cravings when the one man who can satisfy those cravings is staying in the guest bedroom.

PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: gay fiction, fiction, gay romance, romance, gay erotica, erotica, passion, short

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Julian couldn’t help lusting after younger men, however. He always had and probably always would. He was honest with Rick, most of the time. He just seemed to need that spark that was missing after being with the same person for a long time. He needed that “first time feeling” in bed. He didn’t want to hurt Rick, and so he kept his secret rendezvous to himself. Rick was out of town a lot on business, and it was during those times that Julian’s wandering eyes seemed to take charge of his entire being. Julian didn’t see anything wrong with an occasional tryst; yet, he knew that if Rick found out it would hurt him deeply.

Julian was simply more erotically charged than Rick. Julian loved sex. What Rick didn’t know couldn’t possibly hurt him, or so Julian thought. He often wondered when Rick came home from an extended business trip where he had learned a new way to arouse or stimulate him that he did not seem to know before he had left. Julian was always a willing and arousing sexual partner, but Julian needed more than one man. Rick had taken over his dad’s multinational corporation and about three or four times a year had to go to exotic and romantic places around the world. Julian rarely accompanied him. Julian was busy with his own business as a corporate accountant. So here he was again, home alone, without Rick, in the middle of winter, and he was getting hornier by the minute as he watched the flames of the fire he had lit in their cozy den fireplace.

Julian knew what Chas was like and that he was not to be trusted, yet he wanted him. He wanted to feel his naked body submit to his own. Maybe that was it. He wanted Chas to be submissive to him. He wanted to dominate Chas sexually. “So, where is big brother tonight?” Chas asked smugly. “Business trip, two weeks,” Julian replied, pouring Chas another glass of wine. It was all in the plan. Chas smiled a somewhat sinister smile, as if he could read Julian’s mind. He wants me, he said to himself. Always has and always will. “Mind if I crash here while he’s gone. The folks are hard to take sometimes, but you, Julian, you are so much cooler. Julian knew that Chas was sucking up to him, but what the fuck. Julian was trying his best to seduce Chas.


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