Cousin Dan

Cousin Dan

Shannon Pearce

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Cousin Dan’s social life is a mystery to Jake. Jake knows that his Cousin Dan leaves his big ranch every Saturday night and drives into the city. Jake is certain that Dan brings a woman home with him for the night. Why else would he be so secretive about his love life? When Jake decides to sneak into his Cousin Dan’s house before daybreak one Sunday morning so that he can catch his secretive cousin once and for all, Jake doesn’t get very far in his amateur sleuthing before he is met not only by his Cousin Dan, but by his Cousin Dan’s hot temper as well.

PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Romantic Fiction, Western/Cowboys
KEYWORDS: gay romance, gay erotica, erotic romance, explicit sex, sexual, sensual, glbt, cowboys

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Jake killed the engine and the lights on his noisy old truck a little ways from his cousin’s home and then coasted until the old truck stopped. Jake could see that his cousin’s brand new truck was parked outside his house, and he could also that there were no lights on in his cousin’s big ranch house. “I’ve got him now.” Jake walked as quietly as he could to the back door of his cousin’s home. He had taken the extra key from his dad’s house when he wasn’t looking, so that he could sneak up on his Cousin Dan and the woman that Jake was certain he had brought home with him.

Jake very quietly and very slowly opened the back door of his Cousin Dan’s house, and fumbled in the dark to find a light switch. He turned on only the light by the back door, and tiptoed through the big house. “If I knock something off and break it, Cousin Dan will kill me,” he said to himself. Dan Howell had made a good living ranching, and had spared no expense in furnishing it with Texas’ finest. Jake knew where Cousin Dan’s bedroom was, and he slowly ascended the stairs to the second floor. When the next to the last step creaked, Jake stopped. He listened. Not hearing a sound, Jake took the last step up to the second floor. He slowly walked down the long hallway to Cousin Dan’s bedroom. The door was open partway. He was just about to open the door when someone grabbed the back of his shirt at the collar.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” “Uh,” Jake choked out. “Cousin D..Dan?” Dan spun his nephew around and pulled his hand off of his shirt, hard. “I’m waiting, Jake. It’s five in the morning. What are you doing here? You’re obviously up to no good.” “No, I’m not,” Jake said, defiantly.


“Get the fuck off of me. What’s wrong with you? Are you drunk?” Jake’s teasing had gone too far tonight. Dan had had enough. He slammed Jake’s hands onto the bed once again, as if to tell him to leave them there. Jake didn’t move as Dan leaned up on his knees. Dan looked down at his young cousin. Their jeans covered balls were just inches from each other. Dan undid the belt buckle on his faded denims. Jake stared at his cousin Dan’s belt buckle as it dangled at his crotch. What the fuck is he doing? Jake didn’t dare ask. He knew that his cousin Dan had a quick and hot temper, and Jake now realized that he had gone too far tonight. Dan continued to stare at Jake as he slowly slid his belt through the loops on his jeans one by one. Jake was scared now. Was his cousin Dan going to beat the shit out of him?


Then Dan walked to the other end of the hallway to his “guest” bedroom, where he entertained his “guests.” He stripped off his clothes and climbed into bed. “What was the noise?” his lover asked. “Oh, it was nothing,” Dan answered. He pulled his lover’s butt cheeks apart and slid his fingers along his crack. “Mmm, again, Dan?” “You came here to get fucked, didn’t you?” “You bet I did, Danny boy.” Dan ran his hot thick tongue where his fingers had been and stroked his lover’s cock to hardness. “Oh, shit, Dan,” his lover said. His butt was in the air and he moved with Dan’s motions. “Fuck me, man,” he said. Dan forced his cock into his lover’s tight ass, fucking him hard, with slow steady movements and then with faster thrusts. He pulled his lover’s cock, forcing grunts and moans of pleasure from his lover’s lips. Dan filled his lover with his cum, closing his eyes and imagining that this was his young cousin’s very first time and that he was his very first lover.

Dan pulled out of his lover and lay beside him. The sun was coming up, and Dan’s Saturday night lover was picking up each piece of his clothing where he had tossed them late last night. “Damn, last night was hot,” he said. “You comin’ back to the city next weekend, Dan?” “Can’t say,” he answered. Dan’s one night stand put on his Stetson hat and let himself out. Dan lay in bed, thinking about Jake. So, the boy thinks I bring women here every weekend. Good. Then he thought about what would have happened if Jake had caught him in bed with a man, and how last night had been too close of a call for him.


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