Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

Addison Albright

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Roland is always willing to help a neighbor, so when the guys from the fraternity next door ask if he and his gay buddies will play a trick on a new pledge, he happily agrees. When Roland happens to discover that new pledge Fisher is not as uptight as he's been told, he starts to think maybe the joke is on him. Determined to turn the tables, Roland surprises Fisher with more than he bargained for. Will the plan backfire, or work out just like Roland had planned?

2nd Edition includes a bonus scene: Born to Be Wild - Goin' Steady

PUBLISHED BY: Addison Albright
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Romantic Comedy
KEYWORDS: glbt, lgbt, gay, romance, erotica, erotic romance, short story

EBOOKS BY Addison Albright

EBOOKS BY Addison Albright

COPYRIGHT Addison Albright/2009

Roland used a long stick to arrange the hot coals in the ancient grill he and his friends kept on their back patio. He looked around the decrepit backyard. There were more bare spots than grassy spots and the metal shed in the back corner was more rust than anything else. He did enjoy the big, old, shady oak trees, though. He placed the grate back in place on the grill and reached for the package of brats.

He looked up when he heard a loud clanging crash coming from the YKB house. Fisher and Corey were dragging four metal trash cans around to the back of the house.

There was a vine-covered chain link fence separating the houses, but Roland could easily see over it. He watched the two pledges as he placed the brats on the hot grate.

They lined the cans up in a row and Fisher grabbed the coiled up garden hose while Corey picked up a bottle of dish soap and one of the scrub brushes.

Scrubbing out the trash cans? Man, Trey had a mean streak in him. Jesus, you couldn’t pay Roland enough money to pledge a fraternity. Although having a couple of willing slaves for three years after you'd put in your time as a freshman did hold a bit of appeal.

The sound of the hose powering into the metal cans was thunderous. Roland watched as Corey squeezed some of the dish soap onto his brush and reached inside the first can to start scrubbing it out while Fisher hosed out the other three.

What a nasty job. Poor Corey had his head all the way in the can as he scrubbed the bottom.

Roland was surprised when he saw Fisher dial the hose nozzle to “jet” and take aim at Corey’s ass. That was Trey’s idea of reserved? Oh, hell no, there was nothing at all reserved about Fisher. Roland almost laughed out loud when Corey squealed like Ned Beatty in Deliverance at the assault to his backside.

Fisher did laugh. His laughter was natural and untamed. Fisher fit right in with the YKB delinquents already. What was Trey thinking?

Roland watched as Corey grappled with Fisher for control of the hose. Something was up here, because Trey wasn’t that fucking stupid. Roland smelled a double cross. That much was obvious, but what was Trey’s game?

Were they planning to have Fisher throw an out of control snit when he saw the guys making out with each other all over the living room? Or maybe they were planning to have Fisher faint and cause a panic? Roland smiled to himself. Trey was good. He was pure evil genius. Roland wasn’t sure anymore that it was Corey’s idea, as Brad had suggested. That had been to throw them off track. This reeked of Trey.

Trey was a well known practical joker, and Roland was almost ashamed he hadn’t suspected anything. He’d simply thought the joke was on Fisher, but apparently it was supposed to be on himself and his housemates. Roland needed to figure out how to turn it around to be back on Trey and Fisher.


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