Blue Murder

Blue Murder

Emily Veinglory

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Bern is a quiet sort of man: a receptionist at the police station, a registered vampire dependent on government blood, and living in an otherkin ghetto. Kerry is a policeman, and an unregistered werewolf on the ‘down low’. When Kerry is framed for murder and trapped in his wolf-form Bern sees no option but to flee for Canada. But when the lovers are separated governments, paranormal gangs and even Kerry’s own family conspire to keep them apart. Bern needs to get in touch with his inner monster to save Kerry from a fate worse than death and keep them together against all odds.

***This story is a greatly expanded version of Blue Murder found in the anthology Creatures of the Night, Creatures of Delight.***


PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-276-5
KEYWORDS: paranormal, m/m, manlove, shapeshifter, vampre, werewolf,

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EBOOKS BY Emily Veinglory

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"So do me a favor," Bern said. "When I run amok, shoot me. You must have some silver bullets to hand."

Kerry settled on of those wide capable-looking hands on Bern’s abdomen. "There are easier ways. I have plenty of blood, immunity to the bite, and wouldn’t mind finding someone who won’t freak out at a little growling in the, well, moment, you know."


Bern lay dumbly still. Now that he was offered the very thing he wanted he still baulked. Just dumb fear, embarrassment or....

"What did you discover about that body?"

Kerry’s hand slid lower, easing under his shirt and over his bare and flinching skin. "Plain clothes are investigating." Now that sounded rather like a deflection.

"But I thought you..."

"A uniform on a murder? No, I took an interest for obvious reasons. We don’t need to be talking about that right now."

His fingers curled around Bern’s side and beneath his body, drawing him up with ease. They went together into the bedroom where Bern’s plain single bed lay waiting.

Kerry stripped of his clothes without preamble. And that was the kind of distraction no sane man could ignore.

Kerry had a body that tapered from broad but rounded shoulders to narrow hips where an entirely satisfactory cock hung, already rising in interest. Bern was drawn to him like some, slightly envious, orbiting moon. A scent rose from Kerry’s body, not the slight animal musk that was usual but something altogether stronger—a rich sweet spice that took hold of senses like the most intoxicating of spirits.

Bern stood close enough to clearly feel the warmth of that body, muscled but not to some exhibitionist extreme...and deliberately stripped off his own clothing. Kerry waited, watching patiently with a slight, quizzical smile. Reaching out Bern marveled at Kerry’s skin, like softest suede. Tracing down he lingered over every slight contour and before reaching his ultimate goal he knelt suddenly. It was time to remove that smug expression from his face.


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