Binary Stars Vol 1--Hard Lessons and Security

Binary Stars Vol 1--Hard Lessons and Security

Jack Greene

Binary Stars

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Two hot encounters in two hot shorts from bestselling author Jack Greene!

Hard Lessons: Studious Tom - resident nerd and social wallflower - has the enviable job of tutoring the college BMOC. Shawn needs to pass his math course in order to continue playing football, but once brain meets brawn the pair ends up studying more anatomy than numbers.

Security: Working late in his lab brings Tyler satisfaction with his career, though it's hell on his personal. Stolen moments ogling Gideon, the building's night guard, helps ease the loneliness, and when Tyler discovers he's being ogled himself he decides it's time for a whole new experiment.

ISBN: 978-1-60659-551-0
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Anthology
KEYWORDS: jack greene, m/m, erotica, erotic romance, phaze books

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It wasn’t that Tyler particularly dedicated himself to his work. He did, but he tended to lose track of time in the lab. He’d get an idea in his head for another set of calculations, or another experiment he wanted to run, and soon he realized it was dark outside, and all the other offices empty.

He liked to work alone; his project was so specialized that nobody else assisted him, and he could handle the work easily. He dealt mostly with computer simulations, then an experiment or two to calculate new parameters, then plugged those in to run the simulation all over again. The simulations took time, so he usually had more than one going at once.

Sometimes he collaborated with other scientists, but mostly his work was theoretical, and he just reported his results. Some engineer or another went from there. He didn’t really know, and didn’t care. All he’d ever wanted to be was a scientist—to have his own lab, the best computers, and solitude.

He’d gotten his bachelor’s degree in two years, his masters and PhD in another four; he’d been recruited right out of college by of one of the top research institutes. By twenty-five, he was firmly established in his field. He had everything he’d ever wanted.
Of course, his life was somewhat lonely.

Unlike most geeks, Tyler hadn’t been shy around girls in school. He simply had no interest in them. He’d known from an early age that he liked other boys, but he was always so focused on his studies that it was easy to bury his needs. His parents just thought he was shy and never pushed; they were so proud of his academic accomplishments that Tyler didn’t bother to tell them he was gay.

They lived in a small town and there were no gay bars.
So it wasn’t until college that he’d been able to do anything about it. Going to college in a big city meant lots more opportunities. Tyler still remained very focused, but he did venture out. He spent a very intense couple of weeks discovering that he was a “twink,” and apparently his slender frame and boyish look was quite in demand. He had shoulder length hair, delicate features, and no lack of attention, and for a little while he tried just about everything that was offered. He approached sex with the same attitude he did science; and after a while he knew just what he liked. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to find in bars.

He liked big, muscled men, but not the body builder type. He also didn’t care much for body hair. He liked to feel overpowered. He liked rough sex. He liked to bottom.

He also soon found that he was mostly attracted to “straight”-looking men.

That proved to be a problem, and after almost getting beat up once, he learned how much.

He didn’t go out that much; his studies always came first, and as they progressed they left little time free. And he was wary of making
a mistake again.

Once he left college, things got even harder. He moved to a smaller town with fewer options, and it was just easier to keep to himself. That didn’t mean he didn’t indulge in some hot fantasies, though.
His favorite fantasy involved a big, hard man in uniform. He didn’t know where his uniform fetish came from, but it was serious.

Sometimes he thought about speeding just so he’d get stopped by some big strapping highway patrolman with mirrored sunglasses. Then he’d offer his body to get out of the ticket. With his luck, though, he’d probably get a woman officer, or an old fat man.
At work, he set his own hours, and since he was a night person he usually came in late and worked late. The lab where he worked was a secure facility, requiring a security badge at all times, and he entered and exited through a guard station. The usual guard on duty when he arrived was a jovial, gray-haired man who looked like someone’s grandpa. The night guard, however, was another story—the reason Tyler’s uniform fetish hadn’t faded.

Gideon, the night guard, was only a couple of years older than Tyler, he guessed. He had dark brown hair like Tyler, but the resemblance ended there. Gideon stood well over six feet, towering over Tyler by at least a half a foot. He was broad and muscular, with a boyish face and a ready smile. He didn’t say much except hello and goodbye, but Tyler was fascinated nonetheless. He fantasized about him sometimes, about being pinned by those strong arms, being fucked hard by Gideon while he still wore his uniform.
He felt vaguely guilty about fantasizing about a real person, who was likely completely straight. But he couldn’t help it.


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