Any Excuse (Max & Skyler 2)

Any Excuse (Max & Skyler 2)

Acer Adamson

Max & Skyler

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In the sequel to "Only Words," we get another glimpse into the lives of Max and his beautiful cross-dressing lover, Skyler. The police are honoring Max, who invites Skyler to the awards banquet. Nervous about how Skyler will be received, Max is in for a big surprise and Skyler doesn’t disappoint.

ISBN: 978-1-4524-0237-6
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: gay, gay erotica, gay romance, M/M, gay books, erotica, romance, erotic romance


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"You need any help in there?" Max tilted his head to the left, chin up, and dragged the five-bladed razor up his neck. He shifted his gaze in the bathroom mirror to catch Skyler’s silhouette on the fogged-up shower door.

"No, I’m managing," called Skyler over the noise of the water. "You had better hurry though, or you’ll be late. And don’t forget, I’ll have to meet you at the banquet; I have a fitting with a client in an hour, but it shouldn’t take very long. I tried to put her off, but she’s only in town for the evening. It will only take me a few minutes, so I should be there in plenty of time for the awards ceremony." The water went silent. Skyler slid open the shower door and stepped out, grabbing a towel from the rack.

Max stopped shaving mid-stroke, eyes admiring Skyler’s reflection. He smiled. "How about we skip this shindig altogether and just stay home? I mean here?"

"No, you meant home," Skyler said matter-of-factly, dabbing himself dry with the towel. "I don’t understand why you insist on keeping that drab little apartment of yours since you’re always here anyway. Can you even remember the last time you slept there?"

"Sure, I remember." Max made a scoffing sound and resumed shaving. "It was last . . . no . . . okay, I remember, it was . . . wait, I think it was . . . ." He shook a blob of shaving cream off the razor into the sink. "No."

"Maxwell, why don’t you just move in with me? I already told you it doesn’t have to mean any sort of commitment or anything, if that’s what you’re worried about." Skyler finished drying off, carefully refolding the towel before hanging it on the rack. He stood next to Max at the mirror, in front of the other sink.

Max slid a sideways glance at Skyler and smiled. "I wish I could figure out how you do that."

"Do what?" Skyler gave Max a puzzled look, and grabbed his toothbrush from a cat-shaped cozy on the counter.

"Look so damn good all the time." Max handed Skyler the toothpaste, some purple gel kind of stuff with little sparkly things in it that Max would never think to buy on his own. He was a classic Colgate man himself, maybe Crest, or even that tri-colored Aim junk if he were feeling particularly adventuresome.

Skyler squeezed a ribbon of sparkly paste onto his toothbrush. "I’ll never tell. I wouldn’t want to spoil the mystery of my allure for you. It keeps you on your toes." Skyler grinned impishly at Max and commenced brushing his teeth.


"Mhm." Skyler finished brushing his teeth and started fussing with his hair.

Max checked his own hair in the mirror. Damn, he felt like he needed a trim, but Skyler had convinced him to let it grow out a little. Max was a plainclothes detective working mostly undercover, so he didn’t have to adhere to any sort of strict code of personal grooming. That was Skyler’s rationale, anyway. Theoretically, Max could let his hair grow down to his ass if he wanted to, but that was unlikely to happen. After years of having a regulation buzz-cut, his hair was now barely touching his collar and already bugging the crap out of him.


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