A Princely Gift

A Princely Gift

Claire Thompson

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Set in Ancient Japan, two young men, separated by the nearly impassable boundaries of class and station, come together in a powerful liaison of sexual exploration and passion. With the delicate restraint of a Japanese ink painting on silk, this is a love story between men who dare to defy convention as they fulfill their romantic destiny.

Previously published in Thunder Mouth Press’ Anthology: Zowie! It’s Yaoi! © 2006

PUBLISHED BY: Romance Unbound Publishing
ISBN: 9781615081691
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Erotica, Historical, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: yaoi, m/m, manlove, erotic romance, gay, glbt, bondage

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Kisho lay on a bed for the first time in his life. Perhaps it was not the bed of a king, but it was certainly thicker and softer than the mat upon which he had slept all his life. His heart was pounding in his throat. He hoped he had stopped trembling. The prince was very kind and had put him at ease—as much at ease as he could be in the situation.

How easy it had been that first night, when Yukio was not a prince, but a golden spirit moving through his dreams. How simple it had been to accept the gift of his skilled touch upon Kisho’s body.

His cock rose hungrily at the recollection. Kisho found he was curious what it would be like to taste another man as Yukio had done. Could he possibly deliver the same intense pleasure? Would Yukio permit such a thing?

Too shy to ask, he instead reached over, lightly touching the prince’s cock. It responded to his touch, lengthening and rising like a snake under his fingers. Kisho glanced over at him. Yukio was lying on his back, his eyes closed, his hands behind his head. Kisho might have thought he was sleeping if it weren’t for that cock, straight as a pole now, pointing toward the ceiling.

Emboldened by the man’s implied invitation, Kisho knelt up next to the prince and massaged the shaft with both hands. It felt as soft as fine silk, with a bar of iron hidden beneath.

Kisho’s own cock bounced against Yukio’s thigh as he leaned over, his heart pounding, his lips parting to taste the hard shaft of the man who would be emperor.

He tried not to focus on Yukio’s status, but it was very hard to forget it. He understood Yukio’s desire that it not come between them, and he tried to swallow his own fear, thinking only of Yukio’s pleasure and his wish to give it to him.

Lightly he teased the head of the cock, as Yukio had done to him. It was spongy and soft, a pleasing texture. He willed his hands to stop trembling as he gripped the base of the shaft and slowly lowered his mouth over it.

Yukio moaned and touched the back of Kisho’s neck, the pressure of his fingers a gentle encouragement to continue. Kisho lowered his head, taking the shaft farther into his mouth. As it touched the soft palate at the back of his throat he gagged slightly, pulling away.

“Relax. Open your throat. You are pleasing me greatly.” Encouraged, Kisho tried again, slowly taking the full length of Yukio’s cock, remembering the prince’s mouth on his own shaft and trying to recreate that pleasure for his lover.

Letting go of his own fears, he found his hands, lips and tongue moving of their own accord, dancing across the prince’s body with a grace that seemed to come from somewhere outside himself. Yukio groaned and his fingers tightened on Kisho’s neck.

“Yes. Yes, don’t stop,” Yukio commanded, his voice low and urgent. His hips began to writhe, making it somewhat difficult for Kisho to maintain his rhythm. He tried to flow with Yukio’s movements, allowing Yukio to guide him with his fingers. He thought of the crane, flying so effortlessly across the sky and tried to summon that grace within himself as Yukio bucked against him.

All at once Yukio stiffened and, with a little cry, released his seed into Kisho’s open mouth. It shot so far it bypassed his tongue, sliding down his throat like a raw oyster before Kisho could even register its presence.

He sat back, swallowing the ejaculate, which did in fact taste faintly of oyster. He couldn’t help the grin that spread over his face as he watched Yukio, his cheeks flushed, his eyes closed in what could only be described as ecstasy.

As he watched the young prince, Yukio’s eyes slowly opened and he smiled up at Kisho. “You cannot tell me you have never done that before. I won’t believe you.”

Kisho continued to grin, a blush now kissing his cheeks. “I will not tell you, then,” he laughed.


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