A Christmas Caroler

A Christmas Caroler

Kris Klein

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It's Christmas Eve, and thirty-two-year-old ex-jock Kevin is not having the happiest of holidays-it being, essentially, the one year anniversary of his break-up with Stephen. Even his best fag hag, Tina, can't help. Then a late-night Christmas Eve snowstorm brings a blonde, twenty-year-old angel named Nathan to Kevin's front door-an angel singing a rather X-rated version of "Jingle Bells"-and Kevin soon learns he may have just made it to Santa's "nice list" this year, after all. When Nathan slips in the snow, spraining his ankle, it's up to Kevin-fearing a lawsuit-to carry the young beauty into his home. Things heat up quickly on the living room sofa, however, when Kevin (who has a foot fetish) helps Nathan off with his shoe and sock to examine the kid's damaged ankle...leading to some more in-depth explorations, and a Christmas Eve that neither man is ever likely to forget.

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CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Holidays

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We were standing face to face then, Nathan only a few inches shorter than me as I bent my head and kissed him, fully on the mouth ... his lips resisting at first, but then parting as my tongue found his. It was a sweet kiss I felt down to my soul, soft yet full of passion, Nathan's lips pulling on mine as our arms went around each other and his hands landed on my ass, squeezing hard. He leaned into me, off his bad ankle, and as our lips parted I bent down and picked him up again-gently-before sitting back down onto the sofa myself, Nathan now in my lap.

"Why are you alone?" he asked. "I mean ... you're handsome, well-built, and can kiss like a porn star. Whoever this Stephen dude is, excuse me but he's nuts."

It was my turn to blush. "Thanks, but I'm a very average guy."

Nathan shook his head. "Your average guy wouldn't run out into the snow, in his socks, to help a stupid Christmas caroler."

"Ahh ... " I held up one finger. "You mean a stupid entertainer," I replied, correcting him.

He grinned. "Sorry. Yes -- an entertainer."

His lips found mine again, in the soft glow of the tabletop Christmas tree in the window nearby, and with each kiss it was like I could feel the spirit of Christmas coming alive inside me again.

"How old are you?" I asked, when we'd come up for air.

"Twenty-one," he replied, then thought about it and checked my watch. "In ... seventeen minutes." He leaned in to kiss me again.

"You're a Christmas baby?" I asked, words garbled as our lips met yet again.

Nathan nodded, moaning a yes as he kissed me. "I'd like to be your Christmas baby," he said. "If you'll shut up for a second and work with me."


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