The Big Bamboo

The Big Bamboo

Dee Dawning

Separate Vacations

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Have Boyd and Walter been searching for dears instead of deer on their so-called hunting expeditions. With visits to places like Las Vegas, running up huge bills for 'special services' while they were supposedly hunting and fishing, Robin and Carly sure think so. Divorce? Maybe…no probably.

With the enormity of their husbands’ numerous infidelities weighing heavily on their minds, Robin and Carly decide to get away…to think and…

After convincing their husbands that they should take separate vacations from their wives, Robin and Carly head to the Caribbean Basin. The Dominican Republic is the first stop on their planned Caribbean adventure---the lands of deep blue lagoons, never-ending topless beaches, cool summer breezes and handsome, swarthy men, eager to fulfill their every wish.

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CATEGORIES: Interracial, Contemporary, Erotica, Multiple Partners, WomanLove
KEYWORDS: sex, erotica, Caribbean, multiple partners, mfm, interracial, girllove, gigalos,

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We spread the blanket and waded into the bay. In the warm, romantic, Caribbean water up to my waist, we stood a couple of arm’s lengths apart. His stare was passionate and heat filled. I’m sure my return gaze, as I admired his lean, exotic appearance was equally intense. I wondered if he was thinking what I was thinking, that I would like him to take me in his arms and kiss me and… The corners of his mouth turned upward forming a seductive smile. He strode through the water until we were touching.

He was several inches taller than I was. We were so close I could feel my pussy clench as his hard, upright sex brushed against my navel. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” I didn’t answer him. Instead, I placed my left hand on one of his magnificent pecs and rested my cheek beside it on his lightly haired chest.

I could hear the throbbing of his heart as he pushed his bold cock into my abdomen. I pushed back with a sigh and his hand roamed around and cupped one of my buns as he pushed in again. Involuntarily, I pushed back and his other hand wrapped around my breast. Murmuring, I nearly swooned as he shoved the top aside and his thumb teased my protruding nipple. I was warming up like a marshmallow toasted over an open flame. My left hand slipped between us, dipped into his swim trunks and grasped his silky shaft. Stiffening, he gasped as his chest shot forward and his head went backward.

As his thumb continued to send shock waves through my sex by strumming my distended nipple, the other hand left my bottom and slithered between my legs. I was stroking his long, thick cock and he was moaning, but his industrious fingers were busy shunting my bikini bottom to the side and plying their way into my sexy trough. I could feel my heart beat speeding up, a moan emitting from deep in my throat. “God, I want you!”

What he said in return was drowned out as we both leaped in fright at the deafening clap of thunder a second after the sky suddenly brightened. We looked up; the sky had clouded up and darkened without our notice. The sun was no longer visible and I felt a few drops of water, then rain. Another jagged white streak lit the sky, accompanied a second later by thunder. Then another, followed by a downpour. “We have to get out of the water.” Ricci pulled his hands away and grabbed my hand that had been stroking him. “C’mon. We have to get out of the water. The lightning is close.”

Holding my hand as we waded through the water, he led me toward the dry land. Looking up the beach, I noticed that everyone who’d been lounging had scattered or was in the midst of leaving. When we got to our blanket and clothes, Ricci wanted to leave, too.

He pulled my arm, but I dug my feet in. “No-o-o!”

He looked at me strangely. “We’re in the middle of a storm.”

While he watched with expanded eyes, I untied and removed my top. “And I want to make love in the middle of it.” I pushed my bottom down to the ground and stepped out of it.

He stared as if what I’d requested was incomprehensible. Naked, I walked over to him, handed my bottom to him and started to drag his trunks down but he stopped me. “It’s dangerous and we’re out in the open.”

I pushed them down a little more. “It won’t be dangerous under the trees and no one is around to watch us.” He looked around and let me slide his trunks to the ground. Stooped in front of his half-hard cock, the opening in top, stared me in the face, like an erotic eye. Like all men, the head and scrotum were darker than the skin colored shaft. I passed on an urge to take him in my mouth and stood in the pouring rain. “I want to feel you inside me as I’m pelted by the pricks of thousands and thousands of rain drops from heaven. Fuck me please!” My hand went around his neck and drew his lips to mine. As our lips touched, my mouth opened, welcoming the intrusion of his wet smooth tongue. Together we stepped to the edge of the blanket and sank to our knees. Then, Ricci lowered himself entirely onto the now cool wet blanket, reclining on his back and dragging me downward on top of him as shards of heavy rainfall pelted us mercilessly.

My knees rested on the blanket on each side of him. I could feel his anxious cock pulsating under my belly. I pictured it in my mind. It was there for my taking. I rose on my knees and looked for my cover-up. It was to the right and behind his head. Reaching for it, suddenly a warm, wet mouth sucked on my left nipple. My eyes closed as I delighted in sensuous feeling, but I pushed on. As I reached the cover-up an arm wrapped around my back, while his other hand explored my erogenous zones. Sighing, I paused again to enjoy the erotic sensations. When a clever finger found the opening to my heated lusty kingdom, I gasped. Breathing heavily, I said, “Baby, let me slip a condom on you so we can fuck.”


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