Be Mine

Be Mine

Nona Wesley

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A Valentine's Day free short! LaSara and Danny, trapped at home due to bad weather, find a way to warm themselves.

CATEGORIES: Interracial
KEYWORDS: interracial, romance, erotica, erotic, bw/wm


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The bedroom seemed to turn white for the sudden rush of morning sunlight through the windows. Her eyes still closed, LaSara sensed the day caressing her face and brightening her sleep, tempting her to wake, though her brain reminded her that Sunday didn’t require it just yet. Rather than accept the inevitable, she turned into her pillow to darken her consciousness and steal a few more minutes in the dream she’d enjoyed.

For all the good it did. She sensed movement next to her—Danny had succumbed, but then she’d become accustomed to his early rising to meet the glorious surf conditions. Not today, however.

“Fuck me!” she heard him exclaim.

She smiled. If you insist...

Waking completely, she sat up in bed and let the covers tumble to her lap, exposing her dark breasts. Despite the warmth of the room her skin still prickled and tightened her nipples—likely a product of the February cold trying to seep into the apartment, but she knew the proximity of the hot body in the room excited her more.

Danny stood, naked and beautiful, by the window on the far side of the bedroom. With the curtain pulled back, the clear view of thick white flakes swirling in the late winter air inspired a mixed sense of dread and anxiousness in LaSara. She hadn’t experienced such a rough, seemingly endless storm since moving to Virginia Beach—beach being the operative word. Snow in the South, just a surreal notion to fathom.

The extreme weather conditions dissatisfied her boyfriend more. Over the last few months, she’d watched his surfer tan fade to the paler side of beige, yet regular spinning at the gym helped maintain the leanness in his legs and that oh-so-tight ass, perfect for grabbing and pulling him closer. Danny’s cock, while limp, still looked impressive resting against the thigh raised as he elevated one foot on a garment box.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked, noting the intense frown creasing his face.

“I’m thinking I’d like to find Al Gore and kick his ass.”

LaSara laughed. “Hey, global warming ain’t all his fault. Takes two to tango, and a billion more to mess up the environment,” she said. “You know what they say about killing the messenger.”

Danny turned to her, his expression softening as his gaze panned the length of her. LaSara straightened to give her breasts a bit more buoyancy, and teased him with a raised knee that slid the sheets away further. Surely now he could see the curve of her bare hip and her pussy shadowed just beneath it, making him want her all the more. When the former neighbors first hooked up at a Cinco de Mayo party last year, LaSara didn’t expect their relationship to last beyond the “friends with benefits” stage. Today, Valentine’s Day, saw them living together and loving each other exclusively. She didn’t want to change a thing.

“I hate being away from the ocean for so long,” he said, folding his arms over his flat, bare chest. “This time last year there were days we went out in shorts, and I managed to get some board time in.”

LaSara nodded. She wanted to remember, but one of her many ne’er-do-well exes had spoiled the last lover’s holiday for her, and she preferred to look ahead.

“I hear you,” she said. “Who wants to live in a beach town when it feels like Minnesota?” The idea of checking the local weather forecasts filled her with dread. The news promised little relief for the remainder of the month.

“What I don’t hate,” Danny added, strolling closer, “is the idea of being snowed in with you for the next few days.”

LaSara let out a throaty laugh, and brushed the sheets away as Danny crawled back onto the bed and covered her body with his. “Mmmm.” He felt warm and hard in all the right places—from the planes of his hairless chest to the tight muscles in his arms. His mouth sought hers and they melted into a searing, searching kiss. LaSara sank back into bed, pulling Danny along with her, and tangled her legs with his. Hands smoothed over skin, tongues mated and twirled together, and their breathing synced into a slow, sensual rhythm. LaSara felt her boyfriend’s cock harden between them, and her pussy throbbed with anticipation for some rough and lengthy lovemaking.



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