All I Want

All I Want

Jefferson Dane

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When Anne needs an escort she calls on her favorite, Copper. They have forged a strong relationship, despite their racial differences and now Anne wants to give Copper a Christmas gift he'll always treasure-the name of the mother who gave him up for adoption.  Years have passed and the laws were different, but it's a worthwhile search, one Anne is positive will change Copper's life.

PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-265-9
CATEGORIES: Interracial, Contemporary, Erotica, Mystery/Suspense, Holidays
KEYWORDS: taboo, interracial romance, Christmas gift, contemporary, escort service

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EBOOKS BY Jefferson Dane

COPYRIGHT Jefferson Dane/2006

Copper Burney tenderly dragged his ruddy brown fingers down along the folds of Anne’s blouse, inviting her to step forward into his arms without ever saying the words. In spite of her age, in spite of his busy holiday escort schedule, Anne Weick continued to be Copper’s favorite client, seasonal and otherwise.

Rich women favored him for his exotic appearance during their expensive agency purchased date. Usually after an intimate night with Copper, these same women found other reasons why they favored his presence.

However, he and Anne shared a special bond. Something outside damn good sex, even outside the stereotypical need for some older women to dangle an exotic looking pretty boy escort on her arm.
Well built, yet erudite, Copper’s appeal hung on more than his looks. As his nickname suggested, his skin tone was burnished like copper, his dark salt and pepper textured hair was streaked and marbled with hints of light brown, while his eyes gleamed a deep indigo blue. The mixture showing in his facial features didn’t look mongrel at all. Rather the symmetry in his countenance exhibited a sort of flamboyant handsomeness even men envied. In fact, one time when he escorted a woman into a hotel bar, a drunk who’d come off as a rather intolerable homophobic patron admitted: “Damn, a kid like that could almost turn me into a fag.”

Women often marveled at the curious mixture of masculinity and Hollywood pretty boy he exhibited. Needless to say, Copper Burney’s romance book cover presence often caused panties to moisten wherever he went. He’d been offered modeling jobs by both photographers and artists; however, he’d turned them down. Working as a model stifled him.

“I don’t want to be that dumb or that bored,” he admitted to Anne. “Besides, I’d have to pay three years of dues to get the money I’m making now.”

* * * *

As for Anne Weick, the knowledge of his profession didn’t bother her in the least. So what if she seemed to be just another body in a long string of older paying escort clients. She knew the two of them had a special bond, a secret longing that they both shared. They’d talked. Exchanging both wishes and dreams, the two of them had become intimate spiritually as well as sexually.

With the unexpected development of Make-Up Dot Com, Anne Weick had gone from ordinary career woman to successful entrepreneur millionaire in a matter of two years. By the time she turned thirty-five, Anne’s career zoomed—well on its way to the top. Her company offered both everyday street make-up and specialty make-up: Goth, Halloween, and even theatrical, all at incredibly low prices.
Right at this moment, Anne Weick leaned forward to allow the burnished dark bronze fingers of a handsome man, some sixteen years younger than she, to undo button after button on her expensive silken blouse. He fumbled as his digits quickened the pace.

“No need to hurry, Copper. I’m not going anywhere.” She looked into his eyes and grinned.

“Sorry. I seem to be especially eager tonight.”

“I know.” Anne smiled. She knew she was still an attractive woman. “I often feel that way about you. That’s the real reason I come into the city so often now. To be honest, I could pretty well take care of all my business online.”

His hands pulled open her blouse and tugged the silken material from the beltline of her skirt. “I guessed that. Thank you for the compliment, by the way.”

“You’re a bit of an addiction, you know.” She shrugged her arms to coax her slick blouse sleeve material off from her shoulders. Now she stood before her young, mixed blood escort wearing only skirt, bra, pantyhose and heels. “An expensive one, too.”

“I told you I’d go out with you gratis!”

She dropped her bra straps from each shoulder, and turned her back to him. “I know, but just as soon as we scheduled a night to ourselves, you’d be booked from the agency. This way I know you’re mine for the night.”

Copper undid the hooks on her bra. “I suppose you’re right.”

“Damn straight I am. I know how difficult it is to book you. I missed your timetable for all of the long Thanksgiving weekend by two weeks. It’s like you were the prize turkey hanging in the shop!”

“So you had to settle for the Monday after.”

“Monday and Tuesday, if you remember right.”

Anne’s pale white breasts jutted out nicely from her chest as her dark companion cautiously outlined the curved folds of where her breast touched her skin with a single digit. “Umm…did I ever tell you how gorgeous your breasts were? They’d have been perfect to breast feed a child of yours.”

Her face scowled. “Stop it, Copper, you’re teasing me.”

“Not at all!” He dropped his mouth to the closest nipple and licked it once. “These breasts are perfect for suckling.”

She watched his hands drop to the fastener on her skirt. With a studied motion he undid the fastener and the waistline of her skirt fell open under his practiced fingers. “And these creamy hips…whew!


“Don’t be silly, all my weight goes right to my hips.” She shimmied out of her skirt and stepped to side to leave it behind on the floor.
“You say that like having a great ass is a bad thing.”

She looked back at her companion’s face. “Isn’t it?”

“You’re impossible, Anne.” Copper shook his head as his thumbs slipped into the elastic lining of her pantyhose and he carefully rolled the nylon material down her ample hips. “I mean for God’s sake what is all this emphasis you white women put on weight loss?”

“You mean like those Hydroxicutt television commercials? Where they show the side-by-side, before and after comparisons of women walking along the beach?”

“Hydroxicutt! You are out of control, lady. Call me unique, but I prefer the…ahem…healthier looking ‘before’ woman.”

“Spoken like a true black man.”

“Damn straight!”

Anne’s hand dropped to the front of Copper’s slacks to feel the strength of the bulge behind the material. “Damn straight is right.”

Once again, Copper brushed the red brown nipple on Anne’s breast making it stand erect. “You are gorgeous!”

“What have you got on that dirty young mind?” Her fingers continued to play at the tumescence pressed against the front of his slacks.

“It’s not my mind you should be worried about,” he replied as he knelt, peeling her pantyhose from her thighs and knees.


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