The God's Wife

The God's Wife

Lena Austin

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Hatshepsut is a God’s Wife, a member of a secret political society of Egyptian noblewomen who use whatever it takes for the good of Egypt—money, assassination, even sex. Royal by birth, her entire life is spent in training to be the consort of the Pharaoh, Tutmose.

Despite her love for Senmut, who as a humble scribe is an unacceptable husband, Hati succeeds in winning the Pharaoh’s affections. But when Tutmose dies unexpectedly she is left as Regent of Egypt and pregnant with the dead Pharaoh’s heir.

Akenmose, her husband’s brother, is plotting to kill her and the babe—and to take the throne of Egypt for himself. Hati must protect Egypt against his deadly schemes until her son is old enough to take the throne. With Senmut and the God’s Wives standing behind her, Hati will use every weapon she finds to keep her infant son alive. Will her sacrifices be enough to save Egypt?Or will Akenmose’s schemes succeed despite the power of the God’s Wife?

PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-284-0
CATEGORIES: Historical, Erotica, Romantic Fiction, Romantic Suspense
KEYWORDS: Pharaoh, Eqypt, heirs, political intrique, concubine

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No man still breathing could've resisted the look she shot him over her shoulder from the door to the bathing chamber. Mo was sure he was still breathing, albeit raggedly. "Move, you idiot," he commanded himself softly.

It was the greatest irony that, when he could command an empire, his own body wouldn't obey him instantly. It moved like one of the wooden puppets sold in the markets, but move it did at last. His goblet of juice dropped unheeded on the floor. For once, he refused to care about a stained fur.

Mo entered the bathing chamber and found Hati waiting, already naked, in the brown water. Her long hair was piled on top of her head and held there with a single skewer. The ends of her hair curled in the steam and framed her face with little wisps. Her feline smile was still there, making her brown and gold eyes gleam in the lamplight like some lioness waiting to pounce on prey in the dark.

Mo hesitated in the doorway, fighting the lingering feelings of self-doubt. With shaking hands, he undid his kilt, placing it on the bench provided. Mo felt like a virgin, though assuredly, he was not! Images of his previous lackluster performances threatened to un-man him, as they had so many times before. Perhaps he would be a eunuch for the rest of his life.

Hati read his thoughts as easily as she could read a scroll, for Mo could feel the bright spark of her ka in his head. Softly and enticingly, she called out his name. "Mo."

As much as he tried not to, Mo stiffened. Were it not for the fact that his unworthy brother, Akenmose, would ascend to the throne, he would have abdicated and fled into the desert rather than chance failure once more. It would be a far worse fate to allow Akenmose to plunder Egypt in his evil greed. He had to try, for the sake of Egypt. Mo set his jaw and faced his fear.

"Come, get into the bath, Mo. I cannot massage you unless you get into the water with me. The stress of ruling has made you tighter than the strings of a lyre. Let me help you. The hot water is very soothing and smells good."

She had no need to lie. He was tense, and her massage skills were excellent, as she'd proven many times since he'd accepted her as his bride. The water did smell good for all it looked horrid. There were even tiny flowers floating in the water and sticking to her wet skin.

Mo came closer and slid into the herbed water, trying to smile. "You look like a Nile goddess, Hati, with little flowers all over your—skin." One little flower clung desperately to a little pink nipple, and his eyes lingered hungrily there.


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