Cast Adrift

Cast Adrift

Marshall Ian Key

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Married in November, 1812, Caroline Stanhope finds herself a naval widow within six months. Her father dead, her mother vanished, her only family is that of her late husband Geoffrey. Geoffrey’s father, the Earl of Prescott, suffers from intermittent madness. He is determined to keep Caroline from inheriting his son’s money. He is similarly intent on keeping Caroline’s unborn son from inheriting the family name, although he seems to have little use for the family itself.

The Earl has forced son James to renounce his right to the peerage to keep his homosexuality a secret. He has forced his sister Courtney has flee to America in order to preserve the life of her Scottish husband. Only Geoffrey’s brother William still enjoys his father’s favor. And he is stationed far away in North America, on a ship of his own.

Viciously assaulted by an attorney to whom she gave her trust, Caroline flees to London, only to find herself under a different kind of assault – from the gossip and cruelty of the city’s elite, a group that has no intention of admitting a young, attractive newcomer to its ranks. William sails to her rescue, but a storm at sea dismasts his ship and leaves her at the mercy of a powerful French frigate. In desperation, he asks Caroline to pull off a daring masquerade to give him time to prepare a surprise attack. And even if it succeeds, what then? William must return to America for the invasion of Washington and the Earl’s men are hot on Caroline’s trail.

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CATEGORIES: Historical, Romantic Fiction



COPYRIGHT Marshall Ian Key/2008
“And now,” Caroline continued, “you would like to see the woman you just made your wife?”

William licked his lips. He watched his wife pull the thin satin slip over her head. Underneath she wore three garments. Two were pink stockings that made his wife’s long shapely legs appear to blush at her immodesty. Each was tied several inches above her knee with a black lace garter. On top was Caroline’s stays, a silken garment that had the effect of separating and lifting Caroline’s already generous breasts, and that ended just below her hips.

“My husband approves?” Caroline asked, wiggling herself slightly from side to side.

“Is that normally that short?” he asked, his voice sounding oddly hoarse. “And isn’t it normally worn with a shift underneath?”

“I love an experienced man with an eye for clothing,” Caroline purred. “I had this one made just for you, dear husband. I might need help with the tie, don’t you think?”

She turned around and William gasped. The cloth tie criss-crossed her back starting just under her shoulder blades, extending down over the small of her back and over her hips, and halfway down her exquisite rear. She moaned her approval as she felt his hands on her, pulling the ends of the knot that Lucy had so carefully tied at the bottom of the opening earlier in the day.

“I believe I can do the rest,” Caroline said, stepping away and turning around once more. She reached behind her back, which had the effect of thrusting her chest even further forward. William could hear the tie leaving each eyelet along the way as Caroline pulled the two sides of the fabric apart. He watched the tie fall to the ground behind her, leaving the stays hanging loosely from her shoulders. It hadn’t had the least effect on her bosom; her breasts were as firm and full as they had been when the stays had been tightened.

“My love,” he said, extending his arm toward her.

Caroline slipped the garment from her shoulders and held it in front of her as she walked slowly toward the bed.

“You want me, husband?” she asked.

“Yes,” William groaned.

She glanced down at his prick, already half erect.

“Show me,” she said, pulling down one side of the cloth to just above her large pink areola.

“Show you?”

What could she possibly mean?

“Touch yourself, husband.”

He slowly extended his arm and wrapped his fingers around his member.

“Pretend you are on your ship,” Caroline whispered. “You have been there for months. With only a portrait of your wife to look at. Imagine her thinking of you. Imagine her stripping off her clothing and lying naked on her bed.”

Caroline dropped the stays to the floor. William felt his cock swell in his grip.

“She awaits your return,” Caroline continued. “She knows that you will touch yourself when you think of her. And you know that she will touch herself as well.”

Caroline lifted her right hand to her mouth and slowly sucked the middle finger deep between her full lips. William stared as if hypnotized, his body motionless but for the rhythmic stroking of his fist.


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