Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

Rachelle Le Monnier

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A couple of weeks in the sun, away from the pressures of life, was just what Stella needed. After losing her inhibitions along with her bikini, she quickly decides the only thing she thing she needs to work hard on is her all-over tan. Unfortunately, she soon realises her poolside terrace isn’t quite as private as she first thought and the unexpected discovery that she has a secret admirer is a strangely unsettling one…
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Tom’s suggestive comments had left me wondering if he had been winding me up, or if he really had been surreptitiously spying on me. Somehow I suspected the latter. It would certainly explain the feeling I had had of being watched.

It was highly arousing and I could hardly wait to get outside and strip off once again. I knew that Stuart and Jane had gone out for the day – they had discussed their plans last night, and I also knew that Tom hadn’t mentioned going with them. This suggested that he was around for the day, sun bathing, reading…or potentially watching me.

By midday I had done my quota of housework and reluctantly scanned some work emails. Now I was ready to catch some rays and read a few more chapters of my latest trashy novel.

Carrying my tanning oil, I nonchalantly sauntered outside, brazenly naked and exhibiting absolutely no concern about my nudity. The pool twinkled invitingly, but I wasn’t in the mood for any swimming today, so instead I stood and contemplated which sun bed to utilise for maximum exposure. Literally.

There were several, but I picked the one that stood close to the boundary with Tom’s villa. It was not facing in quite the direction I wanted, so I nudged it with my toe until it faced the bushes. Since the sun was directly overhead, it was perfect.

Now I just needed some juice and I was all set for some relaxation. I ambled back inside and poured a jug of orange squash, then carried it back out, along with a glass. I settled down on the lounger and began to apply tanning oil to my already golden skin.

My ears were straining to hear any sound that might indicate I was being watched, but I heard nothing beyond the sound of insects and distant music. Eventually I stopped listening and started concentrating on my novel. It was rather more engrossing.

After a while, the sun began to have its usual soporific effect, so I dropped the book and turned over on to my stomach to cook my back. The warm breeze lulled me into a trance like state and I was almost on the verge of nodding off when I heard something from the other side of the bushes.

Immediately my senses sharpened and I tensed up. For long seconds I listened, trying to work out if I had actually heard something, or whether the sound was a product of my over active imagination.

Then I heard it again - a distinct clicking sound.

At least now I was fairly certain I had an audience. This dark knowledge sent my libido soaring into the stratosphere and I made an instant decision to have some fun at my voyeur’s expense.

It was time to apply some more tanning oil. I sat up and grabbed the bottle, making sure I was facing the bushes. Pouring some into my palm, I began to rub the oil into my skin, taking my sweet time as I reached my breasts. I squirted some more onto my cleavage and slowly massaged the oil in.

My nipples were swollen and sensitive, but I managed to resist the urge to moan out loud as my arousal grew. Pulling the hard nubs with oily fingers, I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensations flooding my heated body. Almost instinctively, my legs parted and I dropped back down on to my towel.

The hot sun was doing nothing to cool my ardour and my hands crept lower, sliding across my belly until they reached the apex of my thighs. I hadn’t intended to go this far – my plan was to simply play the tease a little. But a wicked impulse blasted that plan out of the water, and I decided to satisfy the urge that had been lying dormant inside me for the last couple of days.

I could feel the moisture bubbling between my legs, oozing out of my slit like warm honey. The subtle scent of my arousal, mixed with the coconut tanning oil, was very intoxicating and I shuddered with anticipation. Part of my brain registered a few strange noises from the other side of the bushes, but for the most part I was concentrating on my own pleasure.

With one hand, I brushed across the narrow strip of blonde hair that hid my feminine secrets, and delved into the slick heat of my pussy. It felt so good to touch myself. The idea that somebody was watching my lewd show added even more of a spice to the familiar act. Eager fingers slid inside as I wantonly opened my legs….


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