Holiday Hearts: An Antaeus Family Christmas

Holiday Hearts: An Antaeus Family Christmas

Lex Valentine

Tales of the Darkworld

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It's Christmas at Sean Antaeus's house and everyone is there. Siblings, cousins, mates, and even Mistress Christmas with her reindeer and elf! Emily is pregnant and so is Elysia. Holden discovers Garret's secret fear. Colin and Eden play in the sauna. Declan hides behind the Christmas tree. Sean and Careen try to make a baby. And Marius faces his fears for the future. It's a holiday filled with laughter and love, hot chocolate and hotter sex, and a little bit of magic from Magia Alfred Stone.

Note: This story is a free companion to the Tales of the Darkworld series and is not a standalone Christmas story. If you have not read any of the books, you may miss out on some excellent in-jokes and references.

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The car’s engine purred, but Vahid didn’t.

"If you didn’t want to deal with the whole family, we could have stayed home, you know,” Emily said in an amused voice.

Her husband’s head turned, and he shot her an amazed glance before returning his eyes to the road. “You have to be kidding me,” he grumbled. “I swear it was a damned command from Sean that we come to Christmas at his house. No way can I get out of that.”

“Yeah, but Sean always commands and you’re just programmed to obey. He’s my cousin. I could have begged off what my ‘condition’ and all,” Emily pointed out, rubbing a hand over her gently rounded belly. “He would have been okay with it. You’re just afraid to go against him.”

She laughed softly, and Vahid’s frown intensified. “You so love to pick on me with the brown nosing remarks and innuendos,” he griped.

Emily laughed again. Vahid might bitch, but he really didn’t care if she teased him about how he was known for doing their employer’s bidding without question. Despite the fact that Sean Antaeus had stepped down as president of Antaeus International, he was now the Chairman of the Board, and he had just as much power if not more than he had before he’d stepped down. Emily sat on the board with her cousin, while Sean’s younger brother Declan ran the company. Holden, the youngest Antaeus brother, held the title of General Consul and his mate Garret Renquist had taken over Emily’s former job as Vice President of Finance. Vahid, who had been Sean’s right hand since before the two of them left college, remained on staff as Vice President of Operations.

Thinking about her family and their work reminded Emily of another reason her husband might not want to spend Christmas with her cousins. She turned toward Vahid and laid a hand on his rock hard thigh. He gave her quizzical glance.

“Vahid, is Eden the reason you don’t want to go?” she asked quietly.

He heaved a sigh. “I don’t know. I’ve seen her briefly a couple of times and it’s never been uncomfortable, but this is close proximity with just the family. Everyone knows what happened between me and her and how I used my situation with her to avoid you.” He shot her a worried look. “You can’t tell me those Antaeus men don’t still harbor a little resentment of me for living with Eden for two years when I knew you were my mate and knew you were in pain because we hadn’t mated.”

Emily squeezed his thigh. “If they do, they will keep it to themselves. I’m sure none of them wants to spoil Christmas, and I know they won’t want to upset me,” she pointed out. “It’s all in the past and it needs to stay there. I don’t think any of them will want to be the one who fucks up Christmas by mentioning it.”

“I still don’t understand why we have to spend the night and all of Christmas Day there. Why couldn’t we just go home after dinner tonight? It would be a helluva lot more fun for me to be in my own bed with my own wife and mate on Christmas Eve.” Vahid’s disgruntled expression returned.
<p>“Oh shut up, Vahid. Look, we’re here.”


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