How do I register with 1RE?
Click the "NEW HERE? REGISTER NOW" link in the upper right of every page. Fill in the information. Click the "I have read, agree and understood the terms & conditions" checkbox and click Register. All the information that is required is an email address and a password. If you use PayPal, that is all we will ever need. If you use a credit ca rd, when you check out, you will have to enter your name and address exactly as you see it on your credit card statement..

What forms of payment are accepted?
PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted in both credit card and debit card form.

Is my personal information secure?
We take every precaution to protect your personal data.

Do you store my credit card or PayPal information on your site?
No credit card numbers or PayPal information is retained by 1RE. It is all remains with Authorize.net, a trusted credit card processor and with PayPal.

How do I purchase an eBook?
From the product page, choose a file format from the drop down menu. Click "Add to Basket" When you are ready to check out click "View Basket: You have 4 items in your basket" next to the picture of the basket,

On the Place Order page you may enter a Discount Code. Be sure to click UPDATE CART to get the discount to apply!

On the Payment page choose PayPal or Credit Card. If choosing PayPal, follow the instructions. If choosing a credit card, fill out the information EXACTLY as it is shown on your credit card statement and click Complete.
All invoices will come from DollarSign Marketing.

How do I download my purchased eBook?
Log in and click My Library in the upper right. The list of books you have available for download will appear.

This discount code isn't working.
Be sure to click the UPDATE CART button to get the discount to apply. Most discount codes have an expiration date. Some codes require you have a certain book or a book from a certain category in your cart. Be sure to read the explanation carefully. If we can be of help, please contact us.

Is there a time limit on downloading my purchased Ebooks?
There is no time limit for downloading your purchased stories.

If I have a crash or purchase a new computer, can I redownload my Ebooks?
You may download your stories to your new computer with ease.

What formats are available? How do I know what format to download?
1RE is a web retailer who offers the books of many publishers to our readers. The publishers choose which formats to offer and it varies from story to story.

The most popular format by far is the PDF. When the Adobe Reader ( http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/ ) is installed on your Windows, Macintosh or Linux PC you will be able to read the story formatted as the publisher intended. Check out GoodReader (http://www.goodiware.com/goodreader.html) to read PDFs on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Do not lock yourself into the proprietary, crippled formats from the Apple Store!

The most flexible format is HTML. It will display in any web browser. Some publishers give you a zip archive file that contains the pictures. You must extract the files before they can be read. Calibre (see below) can reformat html into many other formats for you.

LRF files are used by the Sony Reader.

LIT files are used by the Microsoft Reader.

PRC and MOBI files may be used in the MobiPocket Reader and the Kindle

PDB files may be used on Palm devices and the Nook.

EPUB files are used in a variety of devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

RB files may be used on Rocket and the eBookwise devices.

The most versatile tool we have seen for managing your purchases is the free Calibre ( http://calibre-ebook.com/ ) program. It will accept many files as inputs and will reformat them for you as you need them.

Can I access my library anytime?
Anytime the site is up and you are logged in, your My Library is available for use.

How do you rate your books? Can I rate the books I purchase?
Readers rate the stories in My Library after purchase.

The publishers assign a SEXUAL CONTENT RATING to each story they offer at 1RE. That rating is explained below:
1 Fire Extinguisher Any sex that happens is either behind closed doors or all in your mind. This one is safe for your grandma and you to read together.
2 Fire Extinguishers You can keep your sweater on, but the fire in this one will start to warm your toes.
3 Fire Extinguishers You might need a squirt or two from the extinguisher, but don’t worry, you can still read this one on the train without blushing.
4 Fire Extinguishers The room is definitely growing warmer. Along with a fan or two at the ready, you might want to have the fire extinguisher handy for explicit sex and romance.
5 Fire Extinguishers If you don’t want to read about burning Manlove, Womanlove, multiple partners or BDSM, stay away! But if you’re ready for bone melting sex and no-holds-barred passion, read on!

Do you have a guarantee?
We will replace any damaged files. There are no refunds.

How do I contact you?
You may email us at customerservice .at. 1RomanceEbooks.com, use the Live Support button in the upper left of the page (leave us a message if we are out) or phone us at 1-303-317-6390. You will receive a response within 24 hours, often much more quickly.

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