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Deyorah is cursed by Loki. She loves to spill blood. Thus, she suffers from bloodlust, and, as a result, most men fear her. Sir Avegore, Ambassador of the Dwarves, has a different perspective of her well as the power of sex and love.

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-405-7
CATEGORIES: Fantasy, Erotica
KEYWORDS: Erotica, erotic romance, high fantasy, battles, faeries, lore, loveyoudivine, Kiyara Benoiti, dark fantasy, fantasy, fisting, sex, love, ogre, dwarf, Loki,

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Deyorah gasped as his mouth claimed hers. She melted into him. All reason, all thoughts, fled her mind. Tongues dueling, their breathing fast and anxious, Deyorah pushed closer to Avegore, needing him inside her to quench a new hunger. His chest hair caressed her breasts, the nipples pert and aching to be touched and licked. She ran her palms along his arms, enjoining the ripples and bulges of the muscles that lined them and the soft sensation of the downy blond hair covering them.

“What if one of my brothers walks into the stable?” Deyorah asked as Avegore peppered her neck with kisses and little wet swirls of his tongue.

“Then whoever it is will have the image branded on his mind forever,” he said, chuckling. He released her and retrieved the bath wrap lying between their feet. “Let us retire to the loft.”

He made his way to the ladder leading up into the dark regions of the stable. The horses nickered softly, and one of the goats bleated as if encouraging Deyorah to follow her new lover. She paused to admire Avegore’s muscled physique as he climbed up, turned, and squatted, his hand outstretched, fingers beckoning her to join him.

She padded across the warm dirt and reached the ladder, ascending up into the heated confines of the hay stored above. Avegore snapped the blanket out. It landed on the hay where he straightened it a bit and lay down on it, his arms behind him, hands bracing his upper body.

“Come, lass. Let me love you.”
She knelt and crawled across the blanket to him. Anticipation and uncertainty wound through her heart.
“You are such a vision with your pale locks and bright blue eyes. I think the gods misplaced you.”
“Misplaced me?”
“Aye,” he said, reaching for her. “You should have been born to the Faeries. Mayhap that’s the real reason Loki bestowed magical powers upon you.”
His words tugged at her heart. Stinging assailed her eyes. She blinked the prickles away.
“Whatever his reason, it was cruel.”
“Tsk. Let me make you forget the worries that plague your heart.” Avegore wrapped her into his arms and lay down onto the blanket with her where he stroked his fingers along the curves of her body.

Deyorah closed her eyes and savored the sensations that tumbled through her. She wanted Avegore to roll her over, pin her to the hay, and enter her in one thrust, filling her up. She whimpered and wiggled closer to him.

Author Bio: Kiyara Benoiti is a professional freelance writer. She resides in the mountains with her family, two dogs, and several cats whom she saved from an animal shelter. Kiyara loves to write erotic romance so hot it sets off fire alarms. When you pick up one of her books you'll find vampires to demons to lonely schoolteachers and dark, brooding men. Just be prepared for surprises. For more about Kiyara and her work or to pick up one of her free ebooks, visit or sign up for her newsletter at


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