Apostle of Asphodel

Apostle of Asphodel

Celina Summers

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In this volume of the Asphodel Cycle, Celina Summers tells the story of how Tamsen is forced to fight once more for the Elves and for the entire human race as well. The price is high as she magically battles her brilliant Uncle Gabril who has supernatural aid. Join Tamsen as she travels the globe to a confrontation of epic proportions with the survival of the world in the balance.
PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-226-0
WORD COUNT: 100000
CATEGORIES: Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Romantic Fiction, Romantic Suspense
KEYWORDS: Fantasy, Elves, Mages, ancient gods, battle, revenge, warriors, magic, Dis, Lamashtu, the Virgin Huntress



COPYRIGHT Celina Summers/2009
As I’d seen her represented in her temple on Hippolytos, the witch-goddess was naked, her body gleaming in the storm-diffused light. Heavy manacles swung from her slender wrists, trailing several feet of massive chain that clattered restlessly when she gestured. The lion’s head of the goddess bore a feline, feral grin as she cradled two coiling vipers to her breast.

"Thou hast impressed me, mortal," the goddess said, her voice a low, throaty purr that I could hear over the rush of the sand scouring the granite obelisks. "Thy determination has brought thee to this point, when most other mortals would have fallen to my snares. Nevertheless, now thou dost stand before me, Queen of the Elves, unprotected by thy puny Huntress or even by thy husband. Thou art weary and wounded and unarmed. Thy magic is weakened through great toil. None can come to thy rescue, mortal; thou art entirely in mine power. I can do with thee as I will and none may gainsay me."

"I will gainsay you, cursed and damned goddess! I have survived your snares because they do not tempt me and have bypassed your ambushes because they do not challenge me. Despite all that you could do, here I stand at the very foot of the one place you did not wish me to reach and I will continue to defy you!"

Lamashtu laughed, throwing back her head in a gruesome parody of the abandoned pose her statue had taken in her obsidian sanctuary. "Not wish thee to reach? Foolish mortal, this is the one place on earth I would fain have you reach, for only here can I triumph wholly over thee. In this place, the protection of thy goddess cannot fall upon thee. In this place, the strictures of cursed Deimos do not surround thee, gifting thee with power beyond that of mortal kind. In this place, the judgment hall of the gods, thou art but a simple mortal girl, bereft of her magic and undefended. Here, thou will fall below my power, easy prey for the goddess who returns to ascend her rightful place in the universe!"

Lamashtu screamed the last sentence to the sky and the intensity of the storm trebled. The wind emitted a high-pitched howl, rising in answer to the challenge of the goddess. Her feral eyes fell back upon me and my mouth went dry.

Where was my magic? Why couldn’t I feel it? Frantically, I grabbed at my chest for the Ka’antira pendant, but my fingers scrabbled futilely and came away empty. Lamashtu lifted one slim hand and I saw with horror that the viper was twining its coils through the heavy gold and silver chain of the pendant.

"So, thus, do all of the ineffectual implements of humanity fall beneath the foot of a god," she said, her voice as cold and incisive as a knife. Deliberately, she let the necklace fall to the ground, grinding it into the sands beneath her slender, unshod foot until it disappeared from my sight.


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