Winter White

Winter White

Lucynda Storey

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A snowstorm strands Mary with the doctor of her dreams. Now, it is up to her to prove she is all the woman he'll ever need or want.


PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-181-2 Genre: Contemporary Erotica Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press Publication Date: 01/30/09 Sexual Content: Erotic Spankng
CATEGORIES: Erotica, BDSM, Contemporary
KEYWORDS: bdsm, contemporary, doctor, office manager, Chicago, winter storm, erotic romance

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COPYRIGHT Lucynda Storey/2008

The predicted snow continued to fall in a heavy wet blanket of white that covered the dirty brown stuff piled at the side of the road. I turned from the window, hopeful. As office manager of Dr. Bruce Owens, I’d sent the other employees home after lunch. Maybe the snowfall would work to my advantage.

God knows, I’d been trying to catch Bruce’s attention for the better part of a year. His ‘no fraternization’ attitude, a mammoth obstacle, was one I intended to surmount. Based on the weather forecast and with seduction in mind, I’d carefully chosen the underwear I wore under my proper office clothes; a pale pink cashmere sweater and my favorite black skirt, the one with the flounce at the hem. I figured I’d make this whole thing as easy as possible.

It wasn’t like I was shooting in the dark here. I’d caught Bruce giving me surreptitious glances, looks that broadcast a modicum of interest. But as yet, he’d let his self-imposed dogma rule over the desire I knew resided behind his warm brown eyes.

Most of the afternoon’s patients canceled, fearful of being caught in a blizzard after sunset. No matter what happened, I wasn’t going home. Driving the Dan Ryan would take hours and, if worst came to worst and my fantasy didn’t come to pass, I could slog my way to one of the downtown hotels.

“Good bye, Mrs. Russo.” I waved, and then checked the appointment log. Only one patient left for later in the afternoon.

Bruce followed behind me with Mrs. Russo’s file and looked over my shoulder at the appointment book. “Charlie Sutton has to come in from Wheaton . Call him and reschedule and then get home yourself.”

“Yes, Doctor Owens.” I glanced at the number written next to Mr. Sutton’s name and dialed. Bruce returned to his office. T ime to put my plan into action.

After I finished the call, I putzed around for a few minutes, tidying the reception area and locking up the office. My stomach knotted as I considered how best to approach the man of my dreams and unleash his desire. I turned out the lights.

With sure steps, I entered his office and closed the door. I took a deep breath. “Everything is locked up, Doctor.”

He glanced up. “ T hank you, Mary.” He smiled and my heart warmed to my task. “I’ll walk you out.”

“I was hoping you could help me with a problem I seem to be having.” My heart pounded. I could do this, I could.

He quirked an eyebrow. “Medical?”

T ouched by his concern I proceeded. “Perhaps. I do need you to look at something for me.”

Shuffling some papers on his desk, he glanced at me but didn’t meet my eyes. “Exam room two?”

It took all my effort not to smile. He thought he’d concealed his lust for me so well, but I’d seen it in his sly glance. “I set up the tray.”

And I had. Latex gloves and K-Y jelly were all he’d need if I was successful.

He nodded. “Five minutes.”

Five minutes would be more than sufficient. I opened the door and walked the short distance to the exam room. If all went as planned, I’d be experiencing one of several fantasies I’d had about the six-foot tall doctor.



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