Wetter Has Never Been Better

Wetter Has Never Been Better

Alessia Brio

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Tasked with creating an ad campaign to promote tourism during the rainy season, Stormy Delgado travels to Costa Rica and discovers that... Wetter Has Never Been Better.

PUBLISHED BY: Purple Prosaic
ISBN: PP-010
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Contemporary, Multiple Partners, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: brio, erotica, romance, erotic, Costa Rica, polyamory, rainforest

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EBOOKS BY Alessia Brio

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After registering, one of the staff led them to a small gear room and outfitted each with heavy leather gloves, a helmet, and a harness that wrapped around the waist and each leg. From the harness, an umbilical strap terminated in a heavy clamp and pulley that Stormy assumed would be attached to the taut cables suspended between the trees.

The place was practically deserted, which—once again—Stormy vowed to rectify with the ad campaign taking shape in her mind. With such a small group—just the five of them and two guides—the tour would take only a couple hours. At peak, groups typically consisted of at least thirty guests and six guides, and they ran back-to-back tours from dawn 'til dusk.

They set out on foot along an easy trail that gradually began to climb. This particular route featured fourteen cables and lasted approximately three hours. In short order, they arrived at a small clearing where the guides demonstrated how to safely traverse the cables, including how to brake by pulling down on the cable behind the pulley. It certainly seemed simple enough, but Stormy's heart pounded in her chest. She'd never done anything remotely as daring and, while it looked great online, the reality was much more intimidating.

Stairs circled around a tree trunk to the first platform. One of the guides—Tomás, an adorable young man with the cutest dimples—went first, followed by Rob, Shelly, Max, and then Bruce. They made it look so very effortless. Only Stormy and the remaining guide, Pietro, remained on the platform. He was the more experienced of the two, which she found somewhat reassuring.

"Um...I'm not sure about this," Stormy began.

"You will be fine," Pietro interrupted. "I'll make sure of it." His surprisingly deep voice comforted her and, although his English was heavily accented, she understood it without difficulty. Stormy caught herself wondering what those exact sentences would feel like whispered against the sensitive skin just beneath her ear.

To assuage Stormy's fear, Pietro made a show of checking and re-checking her harness, which gave Stormy the opportunity to openly admire his broad shoulders. His hands slid slowly all the way around the inside of each leg strap, ostensibly assuring that they were not too tight or too loose, while Stormy hung on to those shoulders for balance. For a few moments, she completely forgot her apprehension.
Pietro's radio crackled, startling them both, as Tomás called to ask what was taking them so long.

"Coming now," he responded curtly, clearly annoyed by the interruption.

As instructed, Stormy placed both gloved hands on the cable and jumped. Pietro supported her with a knee to the backside as he deftly secured the pulley and clamp at the end of her umbilical strap to the cable. Stormy now dangled precariously, her butt cradled in the harness. She was kept from sailing over the treetops by only Pietro's gloved hand on the pulley.

Brushing his thick, wavy hair from his eyes, Pietro cautioned, "Remember: Braking hand on the cable behind the pulley at all times. Other hand here, on the center strap. If you go too fast, brake with both hands. Knees up. Ready?"

Her gulp apparently mistaken for a nod, Pietro pulled her back slightly and launched her along the cable with a firm push and a whoop of, "¡Pura vida!"


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