The Secret Society

The Secret Society

Sarah Masters

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Clem and Kathryn are members of the Secret Society, a club where they enjoy sexual relations with other couples. Clem defers to his wife in all sexual matters and is regularly denied orgasm. They live a simple life, but that is about to change…

Isabella, a young woman caught fornicating out of wedlock, finds herself pregnant. Her father orders an abortion and ousts her from their home. She is found living rough by a God-fearing villager, Kleveland, who has magical abilities given to him by a mysterious woman who lives in secret on the mount. Isabella is forced to spy on the Secret Society and meets Marcus, a young man she knew from childhood, and longs for a life with him.

Kleveland vows to cleanse the village of sinners and seeks to bring about Clem’s downfall with lies and gossip. When Isabella tries on a ruby ring, she is infused with the power to slay the malevolent woman on the mount—and the beast that resides with her...

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-456-9
CATEGORIES: Erotica, BDSM, Fantasy, Historical
KEYWORDS: loveyoudivine, loveyoudivine alterorica, ebook, kindle, Sarah Masters, adult fairy tale, historical fantasy, paranormal, erotic, action, love, romance

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Clem balled his fists tighter, willed himself not to grab his cock and bring himself to orgasm. Kathryn’s laughter tinkled behind him, followed by a shuffling of grass. She kicked his feet, signifying he should spread his legs. He complied. The shift of position widened his arse crack. Cool air burrowed in the new space and kissed the underside of his sac. Clem ground his teeth and blinked away tears of gratitude that his wife had roused him from sleep and brought him outside. 

More shuffling. His wife’s breasts pressed against his back, and her warm breath fanned his ear. “Would you like release, Husband?”

God, how he wanted release, and yet…he did not. He could not work out if the denial gave him more pleasure. Images of them coupling plagued him daily, but his Kathryn thought nothing of taunting him, spread-eagled on their pallet, fingertips teasing her sensitive spot. Each time he kneeled beside their bed and watched, unable to give himself the same pleasure she experienced. What was it about forced abstinence that intrigued him so? Oh, he knew the answer to that. If his self-restraint pleased her, gave her happiness, then he would continue on this path. Anything to keep her content: his.

“Only if it is your wish, Kathryn.”

The end of the makeshift whip trailed from one wrist, up his arm, across his shoulders, and down the other side. Goose flesh peppered Clem’s skin. He shivered. Anticipation raged through him, and he closed his eyes for a brief moment as the whip made its return journey.

“I wish it,” she whispered.

He opened his eyes. Had he heard correctly? It would not be the first time his wish had been granted only to be retracted. The whip landed on the grass beside him, and Kathryn’s hands smoothed his rounded shoulders. Her thumbs massaged his nape. She nestled closer, her pubic hair tickling his arse.

“You may touch yourself,” she said and moved her hands, caressing either side of his balls. She licked between his shoulder blades. “Touch yourself now.”


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