The Nutcracker Returns

The Nutcracker Returns

Lizzie T. Leaf

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Claire is reunited as an adult with the Nutcracker and his battle with the Rat King .Each has vastly different plans for her and only one promises ultimate pleasure.

PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-266-6
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Holidays, Multiple Partners, Romantic Suspense
KEYWORDS: Nutcracker, Rat King, Christmas, fantasy, erotica, menage, soldier, prince,

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EBOOKS BY Lizzie T. Leaf

COPYRIGHT Lizzie T. Leaf/2007

Three rather large mice whispered among themselves.

“Do you think she’s asleep?” The roly-poly one peered up toward the couch.

“Well, her eyes are closed,” the shortest one declared. “I must say though, she has certainly grown since the last time I saw her.”

The tall, lanky one scoffed. “Of course, you idiot. It’s been over twenty years. What did you expect?”

Twenty years? Claire thought she’d misunderstood. When did she meet this trio before, especially that long ago? There was one sure way to find out. She cleared her throat. “Excuse me, have we met?”

Roly-poly jumped and crashed against Lanky, toppling him which caused him to tangle his long legs between Shorty’s. All three ended up in a heap on the floor. Claire put her hand over her mouth to smoother the giggle that threatened to escape.

“Oh my, I’m sorry if I startled you.” She tossed the blanket aside and rushed to help the mice to their feet.

“You didn’t startle me. I...uh...I tripped when I took a step forward.” Roly-poly puffed out his chest. “These fools got in my way.” He glared at his two companions.

“Those things happen.” Claire fought to keep a grin off her face at the falsehood. “Anyway, do I know you? What are your names?”

“We were soldiers in the army of the Rat King when he fought the nutcracker dude. We’re just soldier mice.” The tall one looked a little dejected. “We don’t have names.”

“Everyone needs a name.” Claire smiled. “I’ll give you each your own special one.” She pointed to the round one. “Your name is Roly-poly.” Placing a hand on the head of the shortest she declared, “And you are Shorty.”

“What about me?” the tallest asked impatiently.

“Lanky. From now on, you’re called Lanky.”

All three mice mumbled their names out loud and grinned. Claire was delighted to see their new monikers met with approval.

“Uh oh, we got company.” Shorty nodded toward the Christmas tree.

Claire turned and felt her heart race with excitement. The nutcracker and the toy soldier walked toward her. My, oh my, but they both had grown into fine specimens of adult males. It had to be magic since nothing else would explain how two foot tall wooden dolls had grown into six feet of eye candy.

“Claire!” The nutcracker came forward and took her hands in his, planting a kiss on each cheek.

He wasn’t handsome in the Hollywood pretty boy sense; too rugged, but his broad shoulders tapered down to a lean waist and his thighs could probably crack anyone who had the fortune of being trapped between them.

Claire’s fingers itched to slip under the waistcoat and run her hands over what had to be unbelievable pecs the way the jacket fit across his chest. She bobbed a little curtsy and hoped her face wasn’t as red as it felt at the lustful thoughts playing though her head. “My Prince.”

“Please, Claire. We are old friends.” He smiled and her heart did a little flip-flop. “Call me Phillip.”

“Phillip.” Claire resisted the desire to reach out and trace the line down the side of his face. Father did a good job on the repair work, but it had left a scar.

“Do I get an introduction?” The toy soldier stood beside the nutcracker demanding to be introduced.

Be still my heart. With any luck the saliva collecting in her mouth wouldn’t run down her chin in a stream of drool. Move over Brad Pitt, you’ve got competition. This guy was to die for. Where did she start appreciating his beauty? The blonde curls, the blue eyes, or the athletic body? So much lusciousness to take in, her eyes didn’t know where to look first.

“Hi, I’m Claire. So nice to need you…I mean meet you?”

Lord, help me before I make a complete fool out of myself.

This situation was totally different than the one she experienced as a child. These guys were hot in totally different ways and her thoughts went way beyond being a princess. She wanted to jump their bones. Either one would do or better yet, why not both?

“Claire.” The soldier clicked his heels, bent over the hand he held in his and placed his soft lips to the back of it. “At your service, madam. My name is Captain Liam Holbert.”

“Yes, Claire. The Captain and I were friends, but since we spent so much time together in the same box the past few years, we now have a special relationship.” Phillip stroked the arm of the man beside him and smiled.

Claire watched the tender look exchanged between the two. “Please don’t tell me you’re gay.”

“Gay?” Liam frowned. “Well, I admit there were moments of depression packed away as we were, but yes, I think for the most part we were gay. At least we tried to be happy, don’t you think, Your Highness?” He picked a piece of lint off the nutcracker’s uniform.

“I think it’s safe to say we were happy and our friendship helped keep our morale intact.”

Crap, they think I’m talking about happiness. Well, it has been a long time and maybe the term gay didn’t mean the same thing back then. “No...I mean don’t tell me that you like each other in a…sexual way.” She didn’t think she was getting her message across and decided to enhance more. “That you’re life partners.” They couldn’t be so dense not to understand what she meant here, could they?

“Oh my.” Liam’s mouth fell open. “You mean like getting naked and getting it on?”

“Claire my dear, we’ve never seen each other without clothes. We just spent a lot of years in close quarters and it’s to be expected we formed a close bond.”

Lanky nudged the nutcracker. “Yeah, about the most they could do in the cramped quarters was celebrate with a few hand festivals. Right boys?” The other two mice laughed until they held their sides when Lanky moved his hand up and down over his crotch.

The nutcracker turned red in the face. “You have to realize men have certain desires and there are times when they have to be accommodated.”



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