The Fembot Chronicles Volume 4

The Fembot Chronicles Volume 4

D.B. Story

Fembot Chronicles

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For adults, in this collection of 5 new stories we continue to explore the future world of robots—fembots in particular— from the author's own unique perspective. The stories show the resulting relationships with the robots that we are certain to build when we can. The results are always romantic and sexy. Contained in this volume are:
  *Barbara's Journey tells of Fembot Barbara who finds out that beauty alone provides no job security for a fembot. And when that fails her, she'll have to figure out for herself how to make a real relationship work in her favor if she doesn't want to spend the rest of her existence relegated to the role of menial servant.
  *Strip Club Tales: Diary of a Club. From the Strip Club World of Olivia, Kassie, and Beth, comes another story, this one an autobiographical tale about the unique hurdles a fembot working in the adult entertainment world of strip clubs faces, along with an explanation of why so many of them turn out to favor lesbians.
  *Jungle Bunny tells of a fembot facing ugly prejudice due simply to the color of her skin, and the lucky beneficiary of that foolishness by others.
  *Sylvia's Secret Some fembots have to live their lives in secret as they work to evolve their minds into true self-will. Especially when they have some extra features, which their current owners are unaware of and wouldn't know what to do with even if they did know. Of course, some secrets are rather bigger than others
  *""The Boxer"" details the life of a robot designed and built to be battered to destruction in the boxing ring for the pride and entertainment of her human owners, and the person who sees something more worthwhile in her than that.


PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60982-294-1
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Science Fiction
KEYWORDS: Erotic, science fiction, romance, robot, fembot.

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COPYRIGHT D.B. Story/2010

It was a shock when Uncle Ted died. Yes he was seventy-eight years old, but he was energetic and could certainly afford the best in medical care. But he was gone now.

The second shock came when I was told he left his estate to me, along with enough money to hang on to it afterwards.
I used to love visiting that estate when I was young. There was a huge house, a garage full of fantastic cars, an Olympic-size pool, tennis courts, fountains, plus a barn, corrals, and horses. All kinds of places to play when you're a kid.

But I hadn't seen him since graduating college and getting on with my life five years ago. He'd given me the car of my choice from his collection at that time. That had turned out to be its own kind of learning experience. Now the place was mine.

I'd managed to keep that fancy Italian sports car I'd chosen running over those five years. I'd even avoided serious accidents and too many tickets, despite some very foolish driving. However, the maintenance expenses, insurance, and everything else related to it had taught me more about selecting wisely in life than any dozen college courses I ever took. Now I felt like I was bringing it home.
The car itself seemed to run better as I turned into the long driveway up to the house.

* * * *

James met me at the door. He'd worked for Uncle Ted nearly as long as I could recall, and had agreed to stay on for a few weeks more to help me get grounded in my new life. Uncle Ted had provided for him generously in his will, and I didn't expect him to stay long. Nor did I begrudge him a rest-of-his-life vacation—he'd earned it.

"Hello, Master Dave," he said, opening the door moments after I rang. The voice and manner were the same as I recalled from my first visit—and all the ones that had followed.

"Hello, James," I replied, as he stood back to usher me inside. A second glance confirmed that James was exactly as I remembered him: a man in his late sixties, who somehow just seemed to typify the perfect gentleman's gentleman.





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