The End Of The Rainbow

The End Of The Rainbow

Sommer Marsden

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Just in time for St. Patrick's Day! A little sexy luck! ~

Taryn is training for a marathon and running in the race for the local children's hospital. The problem is, she seems to be over training just a touch. As in way, way too much. Her husband, Marco, gives her a nice relaxing rubdown with an erotic ending. And he promises her a sexual treasure at the end of the rainbow if she finishes the St. Paddy's Day 5K with flying colors. EXPLICIT SEX & LANGUAGE

PUBLISHED BY: Sommer Marsden
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Chick Lit/Hen Lit, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: 5k, couple, erotic fiction, erotic romance, erotica, explicit language, explicit sex, happy couple, lotions, marriage, oils, rubdown, running, public sex

EBOOKS BY Sommer Marsden

EBOOKS BY Sommer Marsden

COPYRIGHT Sommer Marsden/2010

Marco turned to me and grinned. "True. You’re a good girl doing these for charity." An invisible fist squeezed my heart and my belly fluttered with butterflies. He could still get me with a simple smile. I shifted on the bed, stretched my legs, accepted the pain and swallowed my sounds of discomfort. Marco’s eyes did a quick tour of my naked body and the small dots of water still on my shoulders and breasts. "You should probably cover up, Taryn. I’m only a man."

I smiled at him. The pain suddenly replaced with a need. I flexed my toes, pointed them. Flex, point. I knew it made the muscles in my legs stand out. It accented my cut calves and firm thighs. Triggered the hip flexor muscles and sucked my belly flat. I opened my legs just a bit so that my shaved sex was visible. The dark pink lips now very wet from his gaze alone. I threw my arms up over my head and arched my back. I did moan, then. The motion was both painful and invigorating. It hurt so good. My body needed the stretch and my pussy needed the man who was watching me.

"Taryn?" His voice was gruff and I heard him take a step toward me.

Our bedroom was silent and warm but I broke out in goose bumps. "Yes, dear?"

"I’m going to be a good guy and ignore your nakedness and give you a rubdown. You need it and God knows you deserve it. Plus there is the whole thing that I’ve always read about.”


“How true athletes abstain before an event.”

"But I want--"

"It’s not about what you want. It’s about what you need," he said.


"Shh. I found it." He waggled a little white tube at me. "Peppermint and lavender. All natural. But it should help loosen you up. And you’ll smell damn near edible."

I stretched some more and spread my legs in a wider V. Wide enough that I knew he could see the slick folds and wet slit of my pussy if he looked. And he did look. But only for a second and then he shut his eyes like some kind of saint. "But I am loose. And I am edible," I complained.


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