Tarnished Souls

Tarnished Souls

Crymsyn Hart

Tarnished - Book Two

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Cassie longs for the touch of her angelic and demonic lovers. She has searched for them for many nights, but their caresses elude her. The longer they are gone, the more her two warring natures are taking over and driving her to seek out other ways to satisfy her hungers. Will she find the two to quench her growing lust, or will others warriors of heaven or hell descend upon her and heed her call?

PUBLISHED BY: Purple Sword Publications
ISBN: 978-1-936165-27-8
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Multiple Partners, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: angel, demon, paranormal, erotic romance

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COPYRIGHT Crymsyn Hart/2009

His fingers trailed down my cheek and traced my lips. “You’re so beautiful. I noticed you were before, but now I see how much the angelic and demonic in you has molded you into another being. So perfect. Why do I see you in another light now? Why do I find you irresistible?”

“Because you’re becoming more human than you ever thought possible. I don’t know how to fix what I did to you. I’m sure there is a way, but—”

His lips covered mine again. He snapped his fingers. Air caressed my naked form. His fingers trailed down my belly. His tongue tasted my nipple and nibbled on it. Warmth and pure light moved through my mind. His thoughts pressed against mine. The lust in him was overpowering. My horns poked out of my forehead, and heat surfaced. I felt the fires of my own lust start to blaze through me. The demon in me knew what to do. My legs wrapped around his, and I was able to break his hold on me. I grabbed his hands in a cold, steel-hard hold and in a second we were falling. I didn’t know where we were going, but I knew the destination was a place I had been before. When we did land, Tristan was beneath me and I had him in restraints. A smile turned up on my lips; I had turned the tables on him.

His cock sat against my thigh. I felt something new on my back, moving around, and when I thought about it, a black, pointed tail curled around my arm and swished. It seemed to have a mind of its own. I didn’t realize I had another appendage. I thought about it and it wrapped around Tristan’s legs. I licked my lips. I thought about fucking the life out of him and stealing his soul. I would not do that. I loved this man too much to take his soul.

“What have we made you into?” Tristan whispered.

I licked my lips and felt that my canine teeth were sharpened. The demon in me pushed the angel aside. I giggled. It came out more as a growl. I leaned over and kissed his lips. My thoughts tightened around his mind. I poured my desire into him. He arched his back against the restraints, pushing his cock higher, seeking entrance into my wet slit, striving to go deeper still. I closed my eyes and could feel them burning underneath my eyelids. I found it intoxicating. Right now, I desired the man underneath me more than I wanted anything else.

“You made me into everything you ever wanted,” I purred next to his ear. I nipped the end of it. My hand reached underneath me and grabbed his cock. I ran my hand up and down his member. It was more magnificent than I remembered it. Yum. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. His body reacted to my manipulations. I slid him inside of my wet pussy and felt my tail entwine around his legs, with the end of it flicking. I moved up and down on him slowly. My hands dragged over my breasts. I felt so free. It seemed I was everything I was meant to be in that one moment. “Was this what you envisioned? Tell me and I can give you whatever dream you have.”


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