Slave to Passion

Slave to Passion

Jessica Coulter Smith

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Alyson has been abducted and taken to another realm, the land of Shar, where human women are kept as sex slaves. Bought by a fallen angel, she discovers passion unlike anything she's felt before.

* Warning: This is an erotic novel. (Menage and anal sex involved)


PUBLISHED BY: Wild Horse Press
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Fantasy, Free Romance Books, Multiple Partners, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: erotica, menage, anal sex, fantasy

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EBOOKS BY Jessica Coulter Smith

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Alyson leaned her head back against the bars of her cage. She’d been picked up outside of her apartment two weeks before and transported to what she now thought of as hell. She’d learned the name of the place was actually Shar, world in a parallel universe.
She looked down upon the hall and watched as the demons beneath her squabbled amongst themselves. These were the demons that even hell didn’t want. From what she’d gathered, they mean to auction her off to the highest bidder. Her eyes roamed around the room, taking in the other cages, most of them containing women just like her – captives.
The door to the castle opened and a hush fell over the room. Alyson turned to see who had caused such a reaction. A tall man with black hair and vibrant green eyes strode into the room. He was tall and muscular, but Alyson didn’t see anything unusual about him. If she didn’t know better, she’d say he was human, but humans in Shar were slaves – and this man was no one’s slave.
She watched as he progressed through the room, following his every move. In any other circumstance, she would have been attracted to him. Who is he? she wondered.
A commotion on the dais drew her attention. Lars, the head vampire, rose as he watched the stranger approach. Alyson knew that Lars wanted her. He’d made it no secret that he planned on winning her when the bidding began. A large man, Lars had blond hair and blue eyes. He looked like a throwback to the days of Vikings. He was gorgeous, but Alyson had also seen him be extremely cruel. He’d even abused one of his slave women in front of everyone in the main hall.
Alyson shivered at the memory. Everyone had laughed and watched avidly. Not a single person, or demon, had stopped him or lifted a hand to help. The poor slave woman hadn’t been seen since. Alyson could only imagine what happened to her.
Looking down, her breath caught in her throat when she realized the stranger was standing under her cage. His hair shone blue-black in torch light. Wondering if it was as soft as it looked, she wanted to reach out and run her fingers through it. Scooting closer, she listened to the conversation the stranger was having with her current owner.


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