Sexing Up the Spy

Sexing Up the Spy

Tina Holland

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Lexi Andrews keeps her erotic writing a secret but she’ll gladly risk exposure for the chance to work with "Killer" spy creator Jake Stone. While Jake is hesitant to work with anyone, he’ll meet Lexi to appease his female fans. They hatch a plan to rehearse the love scenes and give Jake's novel realism.

But what starts out as an experiment soon takes on a life of its own. Jake's deadline doesn't seem as pressing as Lexi's lovely body. Can Jake and Lexi keep their hands off each other long enough to “Sex up the Spy”?

PUBLISHED BY: Resplendence Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60735-126-9
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Contemporary
KEYWORDS: Sexing Up the Spy, Tina Holland, Romance, Erotic Romance, Resplendence Publishing, Contemporary

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“You need more sex!”

“What do you mean?” Jake Stone listened to his agent, Mark Loewe. What relevance could his sex life possibly have on his Killer spy series?

“Our demographics show you are picking up more female readers.”

“That’s great,” Jake admitted. He wanted to branch out beyond his hard-core fans.

“It also means they want Killer West to have some romance, a woman in his life, or at the very least, some goddamn sex.”

Jake remained clueless how to make his spy have a sexual relationship. No experience of his own in recent history was worthy of his spy, Killer. “I’m not sure where to start.”

“No problem. I’ve arranged for you to meet with Lexi Andrews, a client of mine. She writes erotic romance. She’s selling off the shelves right now.”

“Mark, I’m sure I can handle this.” He didn’t need some mushy romance writer softening Killer’s character.

“I’m sure the two of you will come up with something. Lexi has your number. She’ll be calling you.”

“Great.” Jake rose from his chair. He had to move. Once Mark set his mind to something, there was no changing it. Jake didn’t even try.

“Okay. We have a plan of action… Finish the manuscript and Lexi can ghostwrite a little sex for you. Talk to you later, Jake.”


“Hey Jake, don’t be put off by Lexi’s appearance. She knows what she’s doing.” Mark hung up.

What did Mark mean by Lexi’s appearance? She was without a doubt some mousey thing. Jake found most writers, he included, preferred, hiding behind computers and the occasional typewriter instead of hogging the limelight. Jake still lived in Fargo, his hometown, with no intentions of moving. His studio apartment suited him well enough. Jake made good money and was content. The Killer Spy series was still earning his keep and he wasn’t sure new fans were necessary.

Jake was pretty pissed Mark thrust recent star Lexi into his lap. He was halfway through the current Killer book and now he needed to re-write entire scenes. Maybe Jake could let Lexi think he’d take whatever advice she offered and work on his own. The idea had merit. Who knows, maybe he could intimidate her? It wasn’t his style to use aggressive tactics but they were talking about his character here. He didn’t need some romance diva-making Killer all sensitive and sappy.

His pacing got faster as he strode back and forth across his apartment. The phone rang again, Jake looked at the caller I.D. and didn’t recognize the number and no name was listed.

“Hello,” Jake rumbled into the phone.

“Hi. I’m looking for Mr. Stone,” the feminine voice purred into his ear.

“This is he.”

“Mr. Stone. This is Lexi Andrews. I’ve spoken with Mark Loewe. He told me about your situation.”

“Situation?” It sounded like a major problem.

“You need me for sex.”

Jake wasn’t sure how to respond to the lyrical and husky voice. He remembered the mousy librarian in his head. Spectacles, dull hair, baggy clothes, “I don’t need you for sex. Maybe just a few pointers.”

“Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

“Fine.” Damn the woman for being agreeable.

“When would you like to meet?”

“Why can’t we do this over the phone?” He did not want to deal with her.

“We can, but I’ll get a better idea for the passion you have if we meet in person and talk.”

“About Killer West, my character.” Jake needed to remind himself they were meeting for his character. His mind wandered to blonde bombshell with big boobs at the sound of her voice.

“Of course. I don’t know you well enough to understand just what you’ll require of me.”

Jake swallowed.

“When would you like to meet?” She repeated the same glaring question.

“I’m pretty open.” He gritted out between clenched teeth.

“Well, I have a prior commitment tonight, but how about tomorrow?”

“Nope. I’m booked.” Jake planned to use every stall tactic available.


“No, problems there, too. And you might as well forget about the weekend, I’m going out of town.”

“Next week, then?”

“Sorry big project at the Monday through Friday job.” He didn’t have a job during the week, but it seemed plausible.

“I’m starting to think you’re avoiding me, Mr. Stone,” she huffed.

Jake didn’t want it to get back to Mark he was being inflexible though. “Not at all. We can meet a week from tonight. I’ll be freed up by then.” And with any luck, you’ll forget about this.

“You’re sure there’s nothing sooner?” she asked.

“Nope. It’s too bad you’re unavailable, tonight was the one night I did have open.” He sighed in false exasperation.

“Then we’ll meet tonight.”

“You don’t need to cancel your plans.”

“It’s fine. I can squeeze you in. Does ten o’clock work for you?”

“Um, sure.”

“That’s great. I can put in an appearance and meet you. Do you know where The Starving Artist is?”

“Of course.” The Starving Artist was a local coffee house/bookstore known for being an artist hangout.

“Should we meet there?”


“Great, I look forward to seeing you then.” The excitement in her voice made him look forward to it as well.

Jake spent the remainder of the afternoon going through his notes. If he had to meet with the repressed librarian, he needed be prepared. He decided to try his hand at a sex-scene, but fell short, not being able to work past the kiss. The three pathetic lines stared back at him on the screen. Jake admitted he needed a few pointers, but just enough to get through the first sex scene, and then he could handle it on his own.

When Jake looked at the clock, it was nine-seventeen. “Damn.” Jake rubbed his jaw-line; he needed a shower and shave before meeting with Lexi Andrews.


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