Secret Services

Secret Services

B.J. Scott

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Three erotically charged short stories, Adult Content

Todd provides a service, or services rather, secret services, to men. Liam has wanted a night with Todd since he turned eighteen just two weeks ago, and if there is one thing that Todd can never get enough of, it is being the very first lover to the young men who are eager to be pleased.

Ray has fantasized about what it would be like to have sex with a man. Now that his wife is away for the weekend, he decides to cash in on a very special gift from his buddies for a night with Todd.

Luke has heard about Todd, but cannot imagine any man being better in bed than he is. Men and women have been more than satisfied with Luke. Todd loves a challenge, but more than that, Todd loves playing the master to the cocky young men who always become submissive to him, in one way or another.

PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Contemporary, ManLove, Multiple Partners
KEYWORDS: gay fiction, gay fantasy, gay sex, male/male, paid sex, oral sex, adult content, short stories

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Liam’s First Lay

Todd opened the door to the young man whose name was Liam. He wore faded blue jeans and a white T-shirt. “I’m Todd,” he said, and offered the shy young man a drink. “Thanks,” Liam said, and took the glass of hard liquor from Todd. Todd looked at Liam. “Well, Liam, what can I do for you?” “Um, I just wanted to, well…” Todd took the half empty glass from Liam, and licked the remains off of the young man’s lips. “You want to get laid,” Todd said. “Yes,” Liam nodded. Todd ran his hand along Liam’s chest and down onto his crotch, forcing his hand between Liam’s legs. “You’re a very sexy man, Liam. Lie on the bed, won’t you?”

Just looking at Todd made Liam hard, but now his hand was on his dick and balls. Todd continued to hold Liam’s crotch firmly with one hand as he backed him to the bed in the center of the room. “Are you going to close the curtains?” Liam asked shyly. “No, Liam. The curtains remain open. We’re on the thirtieth floor. No one can see. And, if they do see, it makes what we do in here all the more sexier and erotic, don’t you think?” “Um, okay,” Liam answered.

Todd never took his eyes off of Liam, and Liam quickly fell under Todd’s electric trance of sexual lust and desire. Liam lay upon the bed facing Todd. His shiny brown hair was tossed messily over his brown eyes. Todd’s face developed a mischievous smile. He loved to turn men on, especially the young ones. “This is your first time, isn’t it, Liam?” “Yes,” he said shyly.

Ray’s Fantasy

Ray had fantasized for many years about being with a man. He had been married for twenty years now. He had just turned forty, and as a gag gift, his friends had chipped in to give him a night with Todd.

Todd was well known, well known secretively that is, for his ability to please men, and he was the best, or so they had all heard. Todd never advertised. He had no need to.

With Ray’s wife out of town for the weekend, Ray decided to “cash in” on his gag gift, and made an “appointment” with Todd.

“Come in,” Todd greeted him. “What’s your drink?” Ray told him, and the two of them drank while they talked for a few minutes. The only thing Ray could think of as he looked at Todd was that he would let him have his way with him, regardless of what it meant.

Ray would have gotten on his knees right then and there and sucked Todd dry if that was what he wanted. He was that sexy. Todd oozed sexuality. It was a gift that kept on giving.

Luke’s Submission

As he entered Todd’s apartment, Luke looked him up and down. “I’ve heard about you. You’ve serviced some of my friends.” “Serviced?” Todd questioned. “Yeah, you perform a service, right?” Todd did not answer. He just looked at the man who was definitely not shy. “You’re a cute kid, Luke,” Todd said, in a somewhat mocking tone. The kid was a little too cocky for his own good. “Kid, hell! I ain’t no kid.”

Todd knew how to handle guys like Luke. He pulled him to him hard and began to kiss him passionately. His tongue moved around and explored Luke’s mouth, and Luke melted. Todd sometimes had to use what he called “tough love.” The kissing was great, and Todd could feel that his cocky client was getting hard.

Luke came up for air. “Damn, you’re hot.” Todd looked down at Luke’s crotch. “And you are horny,” he said. Luke grabbed him and kissed him hard, forcing his tongue back into Todd’s mouth.


Luke was certainly enjoying the hot foreplay with this sexy guy he had heard so much about, and Todd was enjoying Luke’s slow but sure submission.

Todd pushed Luke down onto the floor. “Take off your pants, kid,” he ordered. Luke did as he was told. “Hmm, he likes the rough stuff. It’s been awhile.” Todd was thinking inside his head of even more that he could do to arouse this cocky client. “All of it, Luke.” Luke took everything off and waited for his next command.

Todd stared at his young prize. Luke’s hard dick was clearly outlined against his body to the left. Todd remained clothed, and got down on the floor. He started by licking the shaft of Luke’s penis, and then the head. Luke leaned back, surrendering to his master.


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