Saving Natalie [Forbidden Fruit #5]

Saving Natalie [Forbidden Fruit #5]

Vivian Vincent

Forbidden Fruit

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Natalie Arnold has had many personal tragedies in her life. She plods on, trying to rebuild her shattered spirit, mourning the loss of both of her parents. Her sexy neighbor Xander Angelis proves too much of a temptation for her, but she's unaware that Xander is really her guardian angel. His assignment? Restore Natalie's spirit and find his way into her heart.

PUBLISHED BY: Written Expressions
ISBN: 978-1-61584-874-4
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Fantasy, Science Fiction

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It was a forty-five minute drive home and the sexual tension between Xander and Natalie continued to grow. They’d both sneak looks at the other, feeling the desire course through their veins and rob them of any rational thought.

Xander drove faster than the posted speed limit and Natalie didn’t seem to mind. They both wanted to get back to her apartment as quickly as possible. She tried to tell herself that she’d only known him a few weeks and she shouldn’t be feeling this way, she shouldn’t have such a fierce longing for him, but it was hopeless. She felt connected to Xander in a way she’d never felt with anyone else.

She didn’t know much about him and decided tonight would be the night she’d ask him about his life. She didn’t know what kind of work he did to pay the bills, if he had any brothers or sisters or even if he got along with his parents. He was a mystery to her, but his deep amber gaze combined with his rich Greek accent compelled her to learn more about him.

Natalie blushed when she glanced over at Xander and saw him gazing at her with hunger and longing. A horn blasting behind them broke them both from the trance they seemed to be in and Xander pressed his foot to the accelerator. He made the turn into their apartment complex, parked and was out of the car before Natalie could even unfasten her seatbelt. He opened the passenger door and pulled her into his arms, crushing his lips to hers in a frenzied kiss.

He pulled her closer against him and took a step back to close the car door, never breaking the kiss. He felt her nipples harden against him and had to fight not to take her right there in the parking lot. Breaking the kiss, he cradled her face in his hands and gazed deep into her eyes.

“I cannot deny my desire for you any longer, Natalie. Consequences be damned.”

She gazed at him with confusion and simply nodded, unable to form a coherent sentence after he’d kissed the breath from her lungs. She felt tiny jolts of electricity shoot up her arm and through her body when he took her hand and led her into their building.

Natalie fumbled with her keys, her hands trembling and her heart racing at the thought of what would happen once they were inside. She had a vision in her head of herself sprawled across her kitchen table, Xander standing and looking down at her, both of them gloriously naked with him holding the bowl of cut papaya she’d had earlier.

She felt moisture pool between her legs at the thought of Xander taking her in such a way. He must have been able to read her mind because when she turned to him after they’d entered her apartment, the look on his face was one of pure animal lust.

Xander took a step closer to Natalie. Their eyes remained locked in a heated, lustful gaze. She didn’t back away from him. He took another step closer.


His name was a breathless whisper from her full, very kissable lips. He took the final step to close the gap between them. Reaching out, he pulled her against him and claimed her lips in another fiery kiss. When she rocked her hips against him, he stifled a groan. He needed to be inside her. He felt it with every fiber of his being.


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