Real Men Ride Horses

Real Men Ride Horses

Ken Shakin

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ISBN: 1590210417
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Anthology, ManLove, Western/Cowboys
KEYWORDS: cowboys, erotica, gay, western



COPYRIGHT Ken Shakin/2009

The wanted man walks straight out of the bar, straight through the stares and glares. No one probably notices a thing. But with dirty knees and come dripping out your ear you feel like the center of attention. He heads straight for his car and drives off to the next bar.

The E is peaking. Or maybe it's just the sex. Blood pounding in his head, in his chest, in the heart and soul of the man, down there. High as a kite he should probably let it fly, get off already and be done with it.

But the night is young. Two down and a million to go.

Before the next bar he drives to the mall. Sunday is a good night for the mall. He finds himself driving around the endless parking lot. There's always something going on somewhere. In an unlit nook, a secluded area where the police can’t see cruising by. He gets out of his car and walks to that area. An anonymous man comes out of the shadows, waving his dick to greet him. He grabs the dick, and then lets go. It's big and all but kind of clammy, like the fuck's been sticking it in holes all night.

Without even looking at the guy he walks away and back to his car.

He drives the other direction to the entrance to the state park. There's always something going on in there. It's a lot of walking to find the hot spot but once you're there you can always get in on some action. When he reaches it he finds all kinds of guys milling around
nervously not getting any because they're milling around nervously not getting any. Meanwhile behind a bush two muscle guys are flexing their muscles. The lone cowboy wastes no time in getting on his knees and sucking them both. He doesn't even pull out his gun for fear of shooting himself with it, at this point nearing the final showdown. But the two guys are in no rush to get off. They take turns ramming muscular dicks in his mouth until the one with the bigger muscle grabs him under the arms, pulls him up and flips him around, pulls down his pants and sticks a bulging muscle up his ass.

Painful surgery much as he loves it. Bent over with one guy working on his warts and the other on his tonsils he does feel like the center of attention until next thing he knows all those nervous guys are milling around to watch the operation, whipping out their dicks to shove it in his ear. He can’t tell who's who and doesn't care
as long as he's the center of attention because it's his night out and the more he gets the more he wants until someone finally gets off . Someone somewhere shoots the first shot and the smell of it sets off a chain reaction.

The cowboy has to muster up enough strength not to shoot himself in the foot, helped by the fact that he's bent over standing and there's come in his eye and a load in his hair and the guy ramming him is rubbing it in like shampoo and groaning. Any second and the gun in his ass is gonna go off along with the one in his mouth to say nothing of the three in his ear and it's a good thing that in spite of all the shit floating around in his head the anonymous ass has the good sense to remember to unplug that big hard cock just in time to feel the jism ooze down his leg and think good thing I took that AIDS-awareness seminar, punctuated by the one word he'd rather not hear for the millionth time rippling through his brain. Bingo!

And he's off and running. Tripping over the guy trying to lap up the leftovers. Back in his car he puts his aching thing away, gets the zipper halfway up, and sticks another fat joint in his mouth. Add a few lines in his nose and he's almost relaxed. He drives off to the next and last bar. Next time he hears bingo it'll be his win. It's like those old ladies in the bingo hall. All night long they hear it and still they’re not getting it. That's what keeps them playing. If you just keep playing eventually you'll get it. So the theory goes.


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