Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island

B.J. Scott

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PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: Erotica, BDSM, Contemporary, ManLove, Multiple Partners
KEYWORDS: gay fiction, gay erotica, erotica, multiple partners, voyeurism, oral sex, sexual pleasure

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COPYRIGHT B.J. Scott/2010

When he read the ad for the “Island of Erotic Pleasures”, Brett could not resist. He was young, and he was horny. When he first arrived on the island, Brett thought it was deserted. There was no one there to welcome him. Did I take the wrong boat, he wondered. This was supposed to be the Island of Erotic Pleasures, but where was everyone? Brett turned around to look back at the boat but when he did, the boat was gone. That’s weird, he thought. Brett sat down in the sand. Before long, a bird swooped low and dropped something from its beak. It landed just to the right of Brett. It was an envelope of some kind. Brett picked it up and opened it. It contained a handwritten note that said, “Walk northward until you come to the coconut on the ground.” Intrigued, Brett stood up and walked to what he thought was the north. He looked down the entire way, looking for a coconut on the ground. He looked ahead as far as he could see. There was no coconut in sight. He looked down at the ground again. A coconut fell to the ground in front of Brett, almost hitting him. Brett leaned down and picked up the coconut and looked at it. Taped to the underside of the coconut was another envelope. Brett opened the envelope and inside was a note that said, “Set the coconut down and keep walking northward.” Brett had had a little too much to drink on the boat ride to the island and was feeling a bit woozy, but stumbled along the path as best he could. He soon came to a tree which had steps leading upward to beyond where Brett could see.

Brett awoke to the feel of a strong rough hand slowly stroking his once again erect penis. He opened his eyes just a little and was reminded that he was in bed between two hot men, two horny men, two very well hung men. He thought about the hot man sex he had had with these two men. It was Dave who was now stroking his cock slowly from base to tip while lying behind him and reaching his arm over Brett’s hip. Brett could feel Dave’s hot breath against his back. With his back to Dave, Brett decided to do nothing and enjoy the long, gentle stroking on his hard shaft. Haim was lying on his side in front of Brett, facing him, and appeared to be asleep. Brett remembered Haim’s massive meat of last night as it was pumped into him. He felt Dave moving closer to him from behind, his hard cock brushing against him, opening his cheeks and settling between his two globes. Brett’s dick strained against Dave’s steady strokes, even more so now because he knew that a hot stud was doing the stroking. Haim’s eyes opened then and Brett gazed into the deep blueness of them. He smiled at Brett and moved his hand on top of Dave’s, joining him in stroking Brett’s cock. The pleasure was much greater now with both men stroking him, and Brett turned his head back to meet Dave’s face. He moved his mouth toward him and began to kiss him. Dave’s hot tongue probed Brett’s mouth.

At twenty paces, where Brett expected yet another coconut with an envelope, he discovered Haim instead. “Did you enjoy your first night on the island?” “Yes,” Brett said, surprised at Haim’s gentle tone. “Do you have friends you will recommend to visit our island?” “Yes, I do,” he replied, thinking of at least six guys who would kill for this kind of attention. “Good. Now walk ahead and where the road curves, you will find another very good island man,” he said, and pulled Brett to him, kissing him on the mouth, firm, yet passionately, not hard and aggressively as he had last night. He squeezed Brett’s butt, and then bid him farewell.

On the door was a sign that read, “Please Knock.” Brett tapped lightly on the door. “Come in, come in,” said a pleasant man’s voice. Brett opened the door and stepped inside. It was a small dwelling, with very little light inside, and a bed at the far end. Lying on the bed was another hot stud with nothing on but a hard-on. He was hot, with gorgeous thick black hair, dark eyes, a ruddy complexion, and long legs. Brett focused on the cock the man was waving. “I hope you don’t mind, but I really need this taken care of.” Hell no, I don’t mind, Brett thought. He was eager. Brett got on the bed and held the man’s cock. He licked the head and then held it between his lips.


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