Mr. Lonely

Mr. Lonely

Beverly Rae

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A dangerous, devastatingly handsome vampire lives a reclusive live, tortured by a past love. He hides from the outside in a world filled with memories and pain. But when a beautiful, fun-loving woman invades his beach, his life is tossed upside down, forcing him to confront his demons. Believing a union between a mortal woman and a vampire is impossible, he refuses to let her into his heart. Will he try love again and confess he’s a vampire? Or will her secret destroy their chance at happiness?


PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-109-6
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Contemporary, Paranormal, Vampires / Werewolves
KEYWORDS: paranormal, secrets, island, beach, vampire,

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COPYRIGHT Beverly Rae/2008

“We’re here, Miss Miranda.”

Miranda Raennia rolled down the tinted windows of the limousine and studied the beach house. The two-story house, situated on a secluded beach along the Californian coastline, along with a dusting of other homes of similar size, shape and color, settled into the rolling hills near Pismo Beach. Weathered by years of assault from rain, sun and winds, the gray wood of the exterior blended into the night. Upon closer examination, however, this house held one vital difference from that of its neighbors. Black blinds covered every window as if a state of perpetual mourning enveloped the home and its occupants. A mist cloaked the house and its surroundings in a billowy cloud, but Miranda could still see brief glimpses of light escaping at the sides of the shades.

Miranda gave her driver, Charlie, a thumbs-up and he switched off the motor. She scooted to the edge of her seat like a child anxious to join her friends on the playground, and studied the house one more time. Without questioning her life-long caregiver, Jerome Pickering, for details, Miranda knew she’d found the right house. And, if her research was correct, the right man.

Gathering her thick, red hair behind her, she twisted a scrunchy around the mass of waves to keep her curls off her face. She opened the car door and swung her legs to the ground. Jerome, the only soul she would allow to second-guess her actions, questioned her, his British accent growing more precise with his distress.

“Are you quite certain, Miss Miranda? Do you consider this a wise idea? I can’t help but wonder what your parents would think.”

Sliding onto the rear seat again, Miranda sighed and offered him a comforting smile. The ancient face of her parents’ former butler and family servant since before Miranda’s birth, creased deeper with concern. How could she not love the old man? His undying loyalty to her parents shifted to her after her parents’ deaths twenty-seven years earlier. Throughout the years, he’d become her best friend and confidant, as well as her surrogate parent.

“Jerome, relax, man. I’ll be totally fine. I’m going to check things out first. Nothing more.”

“But this man’s reputation leaves me a bit unsettled, Miss Miranda. Don’t forget the locals call him the Night Stalker because of his solitary and unsociable habits. Perhaps we’d best return home and seek other, more agreeable male companionship?”
His eyes twinkled a bit with his recommendation and she hated squashing the gentle man’s hopes. “Since when do we worry what name locals give someone? Besides, you know how I like challenges. And Damian LeClare is definitely a challenge.”



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