Crymsyn Hart

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Laura has been searching for Horus for centuries. In her dreams they are together, but in real life her heart howls for him.

It’s only when they meet by chance that he helps her discover her true nature.

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-388-3
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires / Werewolves
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My fingers touched the side of his face. I peered into his deep eyes. “Think back, my beloved. We’ve been tied together for centuries. I’ve desired to see you. I’ve hunted for you over lifetimes, and now I’ve found you.”

His dark eyes widened. “You must have me mistaken for someone else. I’m only here to gratify you.”
I sighed. He didn’t remember. But that was okay. I could rekindle his deep memories and make him worship me the way he did before. I kissed him lightly. My other hand slipped over his shaft. His eyes closed in ecstasy. Even if he didn’t recall our lives together, his soul was trained to do whatever I wished. My tongue parted his sensuous lips. I palmed his balls. He remained still, melting against me, yearning to touch me, but afraid to. His hands clenched. He wondered what came next.

“No, Horus. I haven’t mistaken you. Eons ago we shared the same lives. Back when the pyramids were new. The Sphinx was recently carved. Pharaohs ruled the land and gods were the ones we answered to.”

“Please, Mistress. Don’t tempt me if you don’t plan to use me. I am your slave.”

Sadness gripped me. He was not my servant for lovemaking or otherwise. He was my soul mate. “You are not. Does it make you uncomfortable that I say these things?”
He glanced down and lifted his hands. “You have me restrained. If I am to pleasure you, these will not let me. You are a great woman of this house. Only you choose who goes into your bed. It’s an honor to be here.”

I waved my hand. The chains clattered to the floor. He flexed his fingers and rubbed his wrists. His smile widened. Before too long he couldn’t resist the temptation. His palms slipped up over the boning of my corset, taking my breasts in his hands. A shiver went through me. He watched my expression while his fingers tweaked my nipples until they were harder than stone. I was wet from the thought of what was to come. I moaned softly. The serpents on my arms tightened. I reassured them I was not in danger. I rubbed my hand over his head. It was smooth. He squeezed my nipples harder. I craved more from him.

“Do you think you can satisfy me, Horus?”

He glanced up. His pink tongue laved the hollow between my breasts. Horus focused on the five puncture wounds around my heart. Finally, he broke his kisses. “What gave you these wounds?”
I rested my fingertips under his chin and made him stand. He was taller than me. I had forgotten that. “The clawed hand of a werewolf. For initiation into their pack I had to be bathed in blood.”

He backed away. I stifled the urge to growl at him. “You fear me now?”

He tried to hide his terror, but it was in his eyes. His body was taut with fright. “Jackals killed my family before I was sent to the temple of Set. They left me alive because I was too well hidden.”
I smiled, trying to reassure him. “There’s nothing to fear from me. The wolf is part of me, but the most prevalent part is the vampire along with the elf. I told you within this realm and in my house I am all of me. We don’t have to worry about our human weaknesses here. Come to me, love. I’ve searched for you through lifetimes and have finally found you.” I beckoned him. His gaze might have held fear, but his body was still attracted to me. There was something deep within his memory that was finally resurging. His desire overpowered his reason and pushed his mortal restraints away so his soul could be free once more.

Horus came to me slowly. With each step I saw the man I had fallen in love with. In the past, we were priestess and servant. He was killed protecting me. I prayed to the great goddess Isis to let us have another chance. She granted us that gift, so we were both reborn and became clergy. I was devoted to Bast in my next life and he declared himself to Set. The first time we met in a processional before Pharaoh we instantly recognized one another. We married secretly under the stars and bound our souls to the great gods of old. I became pregnant. That was against both our temple laws. I bore a boy child. He was taken to live within the house of Pharaoh. Horus was executed. I was banished in shame from the temple and set to wander in the desert without food or water. I didn’t last more than two days. While I lay dying, I begged Isis to let me see Horus again.

“Why am I so special to you?” He ran his finger down the line of my throat, trailing it between my breasts.

“Because we’re bound together, my love. Our souls go back to the time when the sands were our home and nothing could part us.” I placed my lips on his in a small kiss, hoping he would respond. My heart raced. I needed him to remember. Every part of me cried out for him to. He deepened his kiss, running his tongue over my lips. I touched mine to his and allowed him entrance. His hands slipped around me. He undid the lacings of my corset. At once, I breathed easier. He pulled me to him harder, pressing my breasts against his muscled chest. I ran my hands over his arms feeling his velvet soft skin. All the while, his lips and tongue tried to eat me up. His cock pushed against my inner thigh through the thin material of his pants. Finally, he broke our kiss. His fingers trailed up the line of my spine.

“I remember how you smelled of lilies and jasmine.” He placed kisses along the path on my neck. “I remember how you felt. So soft. You always knew the right places to caress me. You always let me do whatever I fancied to you.” His hot breath exploded against my ear. I shivered in his arms. He dropped to his knees and slipped one hand under my skirt. He pressed his face to the sheer fabric using his tongue and teeth to nibble at my clit while his free hand played with my ass. Already the anticipation of what was to come drove me mad. Just his lips and hands made me so wet. I tried to hold onto my composure.


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