Man's Man

Man's Man

B.J. Scott

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Erotic M/M short story, XXX rated, with an Exceptional Personal Assistant, the Ultimate Man’s Man

The head of any corporation should have the very best personal assistant that money can buy, and David is no exception. David’s personal assistant satisfies his every need, and more than a few of his desires. When David returns from one of his many business trips, he brings with him a young European executive who he hopes will join his company. To sweeten the deal, David offers his personal assistant to the young man for the duration of his visit.


PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Contemporary, ManLove, Multiple Partners
KEYWORDS: gay erotica, gay sex, explicit sex, voyeurism, paid sex, erotica, erotic, short stories

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Carson’s boss, David, was seated in the far corner of the long car, just as he always was on his way home from his overseas business trips, so that he could be perceived as somewhat of a mystery in the shadows to his new young executive recruit, and Carson was seated between him and his bodyguard. Carson’s boss, David, had motioned for the new young businessman, who he had just met in Europe, to take a seat at the opposite end of the limo from him. This way, the young man could get a somewhat clear view of what was about to take place inside the limo, but not a completely clear view. It was dark outside, and even darker inside the limo.

As the car left the airport on its way to David’s downtown offices, David talked business with the new young executive, who he was trying to recruit for a position in the business, and so far the man seemed to be interested in what David had to say. David squirmed a little, and Carson knew exactly what David wanted when, during the middle of their conversation, he felt the man’s large hand on his leg. “Carson, I’ve been very tense for the past week. I’ve missed you.” Carson was always ready to welcome his boss home in the manner to which the older man had become accustomed, and for which Carson was very well compensated.


Carson sat back down on the seat of the limo beside his boss, and noticed that the young European man now had quite a bulge in his designer pants. When Carson looked at the man, and then looked down at the bulge in his pants, the man blushed and quickly looked away.

Then David interrupted his own conversation with the young European man to introduce his assistant. “Forgive me. I haven’t properly introduced Carson. Carson is my personal assistant. As you can see, he takes very good care of me. During your visit, Carson will be at your disposal anytime, day or night. If you decide to join us, you will, of course, be given your very own personal assistant. All of the executives in my firm have their very own personal assistant.” Carson smiled at the European man, causing him to blush even more.

The car soon slowed as they approached the skyscraper building that housed David’s offices, and then pulled into a secure underground garage below the massive building that was owned solely by David. They were now ready to go up to David’s private office suite at the very top of the building. David instructed the driver to wait for them. “Be back in less than an hour, after the board meeting,” he informed the driver. The driver turned the engine off and relaxed. The air conditioner felt good as he lit up a cigarette. He was used to David’s late night board meetings. David always held his board meetings at night.


The man’s bulge seemed to be growing by the minute the longer Carson talked about sucking and fucking, and to Carson it looked somewhat painful as it grew inside the man’s tight trousers. Carson paused for a moment, not taking his eyes off of the man’s crotch, and asked, “Is there anything I can do for you while we wait for David to finish with his urgent phone call? He could be awhile.” “No, Carson. I’m not a fag. I’m here on business.” “Suit yourself. If you should change your mind, I’m at your service, like David said. I would be more than happy to service you while we wait,” Carson added.

The man looked away, and turned his back to Carson. He couldn’t deny the bulge in his pants, however, nor could he deny that he was definitely tempted by Carson’s offer to be of service to him. After a few minutes, he turned back around. Carson was still there, looking at him and his bulge.


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