Girlfriend Wanted

Girlfriend Wanted

Sommer Marsden

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A twisted tale of sex and lust. Em is looking for a big strapping man. Only there's one catch. He has to be her own personal dress up doll until she's all hot and bothered. Then he has to be all man again. It's not easy finding Mr. Right when you're as picky and prissy as Emily. But she soldiers on to get her, girl...yeah...guy. WARNING: explicit sexual content ADULTS ONLY

PUBLISHED BY: Sommer Marsden
CATEGORIES: Erotica, BDSM, Contemporary, Fem Dom, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: bisexual, cross dressing, erotic, explicit language, explicit sex, personals, sex in public, spanking, wanted ads

EBOOKS BY Sommer Marsden

EBOOKS BY Sommer Marsden

COPYRIGHT Sommer Marsden/2009

We ordered pasta. Don’t ask me what kind, I haven’t a clue. It was white and the sauce was red. So was the wine. I ate and drank and talked to Jack who was now my pink Jacqueline about so much and nothing all at once. I learned he loved football and hated hockey. He adored jeans but loathed corduroys. He did own boots but they were (thank god) not cowboy boots. He liked Stephen King, Charles Dickens and Robert Frost. He also preferred vanilla to chocolate, but strawberry trumped everything. Oh, and he adored to have his cock sucked. You would think that would be a no brainer but you’d be surprised.

An elderly woman at the next table looked like she would swoon when she overheard us but her queen of a son only laughed and batted his eyelashes at me. He didn’t even seem to be trying to figure out what the deal was with me and Jack. Jack who was flirting coquettishly and making eyes like a pro. Good for him. And thank god. He was really getting into it.

The queen flirted back until his mother whacked him with her laminated menu. The red tassel on the spine swinging indignantly. He laughed, I laughed, Jack laughed. Mom wasn’t laughing. I turned from the biddy and lengthened my leg. I lowered my foot and found the bulge under Jack’s skirt with my stockinged toe. I had dressed very fancy and girly myself. I wanted it to be two stunning women out on the town.

Jack jerked, his face flushed brighter red under his baby doll rouge. His pink lips bowed into an ‘o’ of surprise and my mind flashed to those painted lips sucking my clit. Wrapped around the hard erect nub of flesh and suckling me hard until I came and pulled his dark sparkly hair. He read my mind and licked his lips. His tongue nearly as pink as his lips. I swallowed a moan and ran my toe up his cock until he wiggled in his seat.

“I think we need to visit the ladies room,” I said.

Under it all, he was a man and a look of confusion flashed over his garishly painted features. Then the look cleared and he nodded. “Lead the way, Em. I could use with a potty break.” And then he tittered like a school girl.

I couldn’t help it. I chuckled out loud as headed to the bathroom.

I practically pushed him through the door and then wormed my way into the tiny bathroom. It was roughly the size of a phone booth and painted a red so bright it was blinding. And a bit disorienting in such a small space. “I--”

I didn’t let him finish. I kissed him hard, shoving his pink skirt up around his slender boy hips. I wormed my hand down into the satin panties and wrapped my greedy little fingers around his cock. “Shut up, like a good girl,” I hissed and kissed him again. He held my face with his big warm hands. I couldn’t see his pink fingernails (I had painted them myself) but I knew they were there.

I dropped to my knees and slid my lips around his dick. He was warm and long, the head brushed the back of my throat and I inhaled the fruity light scent of the perfume I had sprayed on him. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, sucking him deeper and harder until his body jittered against the vanity cabinet.

“Em. God, Emily.” His hands were in my hair, totally fucking up my hairdo but I let it go. I opened my eyes, never breaking the rhythm or the strokes of my tongue. I studied the frilly panties and stockings and garters. The hair of his thighs peeked from under and in some cases pierced the nylons. I ran my hand up his calves and heard the whisper.

He was fucking my mouth now, his manners gone. I shoved my hand up under my skirt and stroked my clit. My pussy wept slick wet fluids onto my inner thighs. I spread my own juices over my clit and stroked harder, bringing myself right to that sweet edge of letting go. Jack was thrusting between my lips and panting like a dog. The Chanel suit whispered secret sounds in my ears.

I rose and turned, flipping up my skirt, shoving down my lavender panties. “Now. Fuck me now. Now!” I barked and I bent over. My palms spread, bracing myself on the blood red wall. The fluorescent light cracked and popped and hummed overhead. It threw off drunken streams of light that made me feel a swirling vertigo.

He didn’t speak, but grunted. A clearly male sound from a overtly feminine body. He gripped my hips with his painted fingers and he slid into my cunt like hot steel into butter. I threw my head back and pushed my ass out to get him deeper. His high heels peeked between my spread legs as he fucked me faster. I swayed a little on my own red sling-backs and listened to the wet slap of our mating. He reached around, pinched my clit between his big broad fingers once, twice, gone!

“OH sweet Jesus. God, yes,” I babbled.

He grabbed my tits with is hands and levered into me faster and faster. Gone was the man, now was the animal. He threw back his head and came, humping me for all he was worth.

I turned, and we bumped and tangled together, the room was so small. My flushed face and wide grin regarded me from the little scrap of mirror suspended on the red, red wall. “Oh, you were such a good baby,” I said and kissed him. He had great potential, my Jack/Jacqueline.


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