Fantasies Incorporated 03 - A Gambling Debt

Fantasies Incorporated 03 - A Gambling Debt

Bridy McAvoy

Fantasies Incorporated

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Amy is very happy in her life.
Married to a successful businessman
He’s going to help her start her own business.
Then one afternoon the bottom falls out of her world.
He owes a lot of money to the local loan shark.
That afternoon three men turn up to collect on the debt with baseball bats.
Now he’s playing cards to save his legs.
Soon he’s playing to save his wife!
But is everything all it seems?


PUBLISHED BY: BlueWood Publishing
ISBN: FI-0003
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Contemporary, Multiple Partners

EBOOKS BY BlueWood Publishing

EBOOKS BY Bridy McAvoy

COPYRIGHT Bridy McAvoy/2010

Amy hummed to herself as she applied the finishing touches to her hair and makeup. Finally satisfied, she turned back to the bed and picked up the satin slip she intended to wear and then decided it was too staid. She felt a little naughty but why not? She threw the slip back into the drawer and got out the cream camisole top and matching French knickers, dropped her more conservative white bra and panties to the floor, slipped the sexier set on with a delicious wiggle. Finally she slipped on the conservative grey silk skirt and jacket and double checked her image in the mirror.
This afternoon was important and she wanted to look her best, smart, businesslike but also sexy without being blatant. Finally her husband had agreed to let her run her own little boutique in town and today was the day they were going to present the business plan to the bank. As she strung the natural, not cultured pearls, he had given her this morning as an anniversary gift; she couldn’t help smiling at her reflection.
Damn, girl you sure look good for thirty!
She heard the car pull up and a moment later her husband opened the front door. Checking her image in the mirror for a final time, she left the bedroom and descended the stairs to see her husband looking up at her with a rather glum look on his face. As she came further into the room she saw three very large men standing there; men she didn’t know. One of them began to speak to her.
“Mrs. Adams; please sit down over here.”
He indicated the lounge chair nearest the window. She bridled.
“This is my house and you will not tell me what to do in it. Please leave now or I’m calling the police.”
“Just do as he asks, please Amy.”

The tone of voice her husband used astonished her. Phil was a very tough cookie in the business world and nobody intimidated him. Ever; but he sounded beaten down.


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