Falling Fast

Falling Fast

Cerise DeLand

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When Shana Carpenter meets Kade Stapleton years after she ruined his bronc busting career, she wants to make amends to him by building his reputation as a rodeo manager. But her plans go haywire when she faces him and is stunned by her irresistible desire for him. Making love to him often every day, though, cannot erase her guilt. And when she realizes she loves him, she finds herself with a bigger problem. Can she ever forgive herself for what she did? Can he ever forgive her? And can he ever wholly love her?

PUBLISHED BY: Resplendence Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60735-122-1
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Contemporary, Western/Cowboys
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If Shana Carpenter had forgotten Kade Stapleton was eye candy, it was definitely because she’d feared for weeks now that he’d realize who she really was when they met this morning. That he’d call her callus and unethical, throw her out of his office, and slam the door to any apology she might make for how she’d ruined him.

But here he stood. Cool and business-like, he blinked at the sight of her, seeming more stunned at her appearance than angry. Good. Great, in fact.

She’d dressed for success, and if he were eating her alive with his heavy-lidded lime-green gaze, then she rivaled him for ravenous.

What a man. Every inch a hard-muscular dream machine, Kade stood maybe ten inches taller than she. He’d bulked up since last she’d seen him four years ago in the ring. Sculpted and golden, the former rodeo star stared down at her, and damn, did he make her mouth water. He even smelled good. Spicy and musky.

She’d never gotten as close to him as this—except in her dreams. Recently, they’d begun to come with stunning frequency.

But here he was, striding toward her. Meeting her for the first time. Her heart picked up a beat at the sight of his rolling gait, his lean hips, the broad-as-a-barn shoulders he’d honed from working in the saddle ten hours every day—every day, until four years ago, when he’d quit. All because of her.

She winced, fearing he might know that Shana Carpenter was really S.J. Carpenter, the reporter who’d killed his career, but he smiled at her pleasantly. In one mad rush, all Shana’s nighttime fantasies of being adored by the champion bronc buster fired up like a giant heat wave.

Better yet, her pussy gushed with warm cream at his welcome, and she beamed at him, knowing she’d been right not to wear any panties today. To feel free. Free of the past.

“How do you do, Mr. Stapleton?” She gave him her neon smile, plunked her briefcase on the floor and put out her hand.

“Hello, Miz Carpenter,” he crooned in a Texas drawl that rumbled all the way down her body to tease her swollen little clit. “Nice of you to travel all this way to meet with me,” he murmured as he took a long gander into her eyes, and she hoped he saw that she admired his looks. He grasped her hand, and a sizzle sparked between them that jarred them both.

“Wow! Sorry!” he exclaimed and grabbed hold of her forearm with his other big hand.

“It’s okay,” she told him, but she lied. The static was similar to the one that traveled between them every time he touched her. In her dreams.

“This old building,” he said and shook his head ruefully. “It began life as a trailer. Never was very well grounded.”

“Ah, I see,” she declared, unsteady on her feet due to the jolt and wanting to tell him that maybe this current between them was more than her wish-fulfillment.

Reaching out with two hands, he steadied her with a mighty grip that made her wish she could strip off her linen suit. Better yet, he could strip it off. Like he strips me down in my bed each night as I toss and turn, making love to him and making up to him for how I ruined him.

He threw her a polite grin now that made her yearn to taste his lips. Come kiss me with that rugged mouth. Growl how you missed me and need to be inside me.

But instead, he seemed to fight not to glance down her body. Most men, she knew from years of experience, liked her figure. Lithe and long-legged, she had a toned ass and pert breasts men drooled to have, but only a few had. How I’d love to give them to you, Kade.

He nodded toward the chair opposite his desk. “Have a seat, Miz Carpenter.”

Shana stepped backward, said thank you and sat down like the top-notch PR consultant she truly was. This was an interview for her firm to do a promotion for his rodeo, not an opportunity to seduce him. But I’m dying to reach out and lick your skin there at the hollow of your throat.

“Ah, well, let’s begin,” he offered in a hoarse voice as if he had forgotten why she was here. “Hot in here, I know.” He cleared his throat. “Sorry the air conditioner is broken. Again.” He grinned, fast and tight, his generous mouth making her hungry for a nibble of his lips. “Can I offer you a drink?”

That and anything else you want to give me. Like you do at night, when you climb into bed and hover over me with your thick shaft already hard and ready to take me.

She vibrated with desire, pushing away her urge to leap up and peel away his pale denim shirt and low-slung jeans. Then she’d see if his chest was as broad as she thought, and if his cock was as long as she’d dreamed.

“Miz Carpenter?” He called her from her reverie. “Drink?”

“Ah. Yes, thank you, I will.” She settled herself back into the rickety folding chair, crossed one leg over the other and smoothed her suit’s skirt to her knee. Her pussy needed petting, that was for sure, but she couldn’t say, “hey, pardon me while I show you how pink and demanding my little cat is,” could she?

She forced herself to look around and noted the nicks in the wooden furniture and the drab paint on the walls. The main office of The Hayward Rodeo was a wreck. If the town of Hayward, Texas was going to succeed at building this rodeo into an A-number-one national attraction, they would need to spruce up their offerings then their image. This office décor came in a close third. To do that, she now knew for certain, they needed one more thing badly. Her.

But when she looked back on him, he was focused on her lips. And his tongue was taking a slow journey around his open mouth.

Can I just kiss that for you? She pressed her thighs together then shifted in her chair.

He did, too.

Rearranging your cock because of me? Shana sat straighter, and her nipples beaded beneath her lacy bra. He couldn’t see them beneath her jacket, but he definitely zeroed in on her cleavage in the v of her low-cut tank top. What the heck? She’d worn it to see if she could interest the man who in her dreams took his sweet time sucking her breasts into his talented mouth, nibbling at her big nipples and running his tongue all the way around her diamond-studded belly button before he feasted on her pussy.

“Miz Carpenter? Ma’am?” Kade Stapleton raised his voice, but he definitely sounded strained, as if he were strangling.

“Hmm?” She lifted her chin and shook back her shoulder-length, platinum curls.

He swallowed, loudly. “What’ll it be? Water? Soda?” He raised a hand to buzz his assistant on the intercom. “We have coffee, too, if that’s your poison.”

“No.” You are. My obsession. My desire. Ever since I wrote that article about you in the sports section of the Dallas paper four years ago. Ever since I printed a retraction, resigned for my foolishness and began to plan how I’d make more amends. Ever since, I began to think of how I could take you into my bed and kiss the hurt away.

She squeezed her labia together and felt a trickle of perspiration wend its way between her breasts.

“Water. Cool water. Please.”

“Two waters, Reata,” he told his assistant as he squinted at Shana and looked for all the world like a guy who was trying to concentrate.

Shana would have laughed, but the lure of him had her wiggling forward in her chair to try to massage her pulsing cunt. Four years ago, she had been frightened by her response to his languid cowboy sexuality. She’d been young, twenty-two, in her first job at a newspaper and so naïve, both professionally and sexually. Since she’d ruined Kade, she’d corrected both lacks. Now, she thoroughly examined whatever she did before she opened her mouth or typed one word. To complement that, she also knew what she liked in men. Honest, forthright, funny. But no one held her fascination like hunky, jovial Kade Stapleton.

The man was heavenly. No man could match his bronze, god-like tan, that sun-kissed shock of yellow-gold hair hanging over grass-green eyes. Or the rock-hewn features with generous lips and a mellow bass voice that melted her into a puddle of foolish desire. No real-life lover ever compared in looks or bedroom manner. This lack in her life was her penance, she knew, for doing him wrong and declaring he was a hothead with the judges.

Once more, regret flooded her, and she yearned to use her body to heal the wounds she’d made. But how could she without looking like a horny lunatic?

Stifling a moan, she bent and dug through her briefcase for her copy of the PR proposal. All thumbs, she couldn’t find the thing.


His tone was husky. Dark and suggestive. She looked up to see Kade devouring her with those wide, green eyes, his look hypnotic, his mouth parting. A vision of him using that mouth to tantalize her sensitive nipples made her yelp.


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