Department Store Amy

Department Store Amy

Bridy McAvoy


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Amy's been happy working in the department store, and happy at home but there's something missing, so she's changing her job. Now Amy's got a real problem, she desperately needs money to fix her car. When her boss offers her some overtime she knows exactly what he's offering, and it might just plug the gap in her relationship too. She never realised she was quite so submissive though, nor that her boss was quite so dominant, something her loving husband could never be.


PUBLISHED BY: BlueWood Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-877546-11-2
CATEGORIES: Erotica, BDSM, Contemporary, Multiple Partners
KEYWORDS: Erotica, Domination, Submission

EBOOKS BY BlueWood Publishing

EBOOKS BY Bridy McAvoy

COPYRIGHT Bridy McAvoy/2010

“Miss Brown is here to see you, sir.”
“Thank you, Felicity, send her in please.”
The door opened wider and Felicity ushered the petite, long haired blonde into my inner office.
“Come in, come in. Amy, isn’t it? Please take a seat.”
I gave her my best welcoming smile.
“Thank you for seeing me, sir.”
She sat down on the high backed chair facing my oversized desk. Her pretty face displayed her nervousness.
“Now, Cecilia Jones tells me you asked her this morning about overtime?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Please call me Charles or even Mister Chisholm like all the staff do, Amy.”
She bobbed her head.
“Now you know it is company policy not to allow temporary staff to work overtime, don’t you?”
“Yes, sir.”
Although I’d asked her not to she was still calling me sir, under most circumstances something I would be upset about but for the moment I let it ride.
“You’ve been with us for, what, four weeks,” I had her file open in my desk, “and you are with us another week. In fact you’ll be leaving us on Friday next week, just under a week’s time?”
“Yes sir, the lady I was employed to cover for will be back the following week.”
She smiled and then continued.
“I’ve managed to get a position at Moore’s book store just down the road.”
“Working for Ken Moore? He’s an old friend of mine, ah yes. . .I signed your reference letter. You’ll like working there and I think you’ll do well.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Now, why do you suddenly need overtime? I assume you need some extra money for something?”
“Yes, sir. My car broke down last night. Alan, my husband, says it’s the fuel pump and that’s a big expense we can’t afford at the moment.”
“So, you are asking for the overtime to cover the cost of the repairs?”
“Yes, sir.”
She was still calling me ‘sir’. She looked so mouse-like sitting there, and the possibilities of the situation were running through my mind, so I decided to change tack.
“How long have you been married, Amy?”
She looked a little taken aback by the change of subject but answered without hesitation.
“Three years, sir.”
“And you love him very much, don’t you, Amy?”
“Yes, sir.”
Her smile was something to behold, like the sun coming out from behind a cloud, literally lighting up her face. In an instant she turned from a pretty young woman into a ravishingly beautiful one. Behind the desk, unseen by her, my prick twitched, scenting the chance to do exactly that, to ravish this young woman.
“I can see that, Amy.”
She blushed, the rosy colour in her cheeks accenting her beauty.
“I bet he treats you like his princess, doesn’t he?”
She nodded.
“Gentle and considerate at all times?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Especially in the bedroom, no doubt?”
“Answer the question, Amy!”
For the first time my voice cracked like a whip, giving her a command authoritatively. If she obeyed it would be one further sign of her nature, to add to the several I had observed on the shop floor over the preceding weeks, as well as over the last few minutes. She hung her head for a second or two and then looked up.
“Yes, sir, he does.”
I smiled at her, and she relaxed a little.
“I bet he does. I’m sure he is gentle, and makes sure you are happy as well, doesn’t he?”
She blushed an even brighter scarlet and bit her lip but nodded agreement.
“So, tell me, Amy, does he ever dominate you? Tell you what to do? Make you do what he wants?”
Her breathing was heavier, the blush still high on her cheeks.
“No, sir! Alan’s not like that.”
“But you’d like him to be, just occasionally, wouldn’t you, Amy?”
She hung her head. I could see her throat move as she swallowed convulsively, all at sea at the way the conversation was going.
“Answer me, Amy!”
Again the command. Again I waited for the response, even more certain I had gauged her correctly. Her head came up slowly, and she licked her lips.
“Yes, sir.”
The answer was barely audible but it was enough.
“That’s your innermost fantasy, isn’t it, Amy? To give yourself over to your husband completely? To submit to his desires, to have no control over what happens? To be used rather than merely made love to?”
She swallowed nervously and eventually nodded once more.



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