Christmas Belle

Christmas Belle

Dawn Montgomery

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Belle, a faerie charged with guarding the Christmas bell, has the hots for  Rourke, the lawman who oversees the keeping of the rules.  When Belle catches him masturbating, he extends his wings.  This action signifies the selection of a mate, but Rouke disapproves of Belle and her carefree ways.  Now what is she to do?

PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-262-8
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Fantasy, Paranormal, Holidays
KEYWORDS: Faerie, lawman, erotic paranormal romance, Christmas, bell, holiday

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EBOOKS BY Dawn Montgomery

COPYRIGHT Dawn Montgomery/2007

You could be banished for this, Belle.

Belle twitched her wings, irritated at the belligerent voice of common sense flooding her mind.

Who needed common sense when Mr. Goodie Goodie's tight little body was bathing in the Faerie springs? All alone. She bit her lip and let a hungry smile curve her lips. Snow crunched under her dainty boots and she winced, afraid to get caught.

What would Roarke think, knowing she was watching him?

"You have to deny yourself, Belle. Deny sex until the end of your tour."

Who the hell did he think he was anyway, spreading his judgment on her? Her Gram, and Gram's Gram had been caretakers of the Christmas Bell for as long as Faerie history had been written. So what if it was her first time? She fluttered her wings in agitation. The bell didn't have a damn clapper anyway so why did she have to protect it? How in the world could it ring?

Roarke ducked under the water and she leaned forward, hoping to get a peek at his gorgeous ass. Warmth churned low in her belly as she checked guiltily over her shoulder. Yep, the silver bell was still there. It wasn’t like the monster could be moved anyway since it had been knocked over centuries before. Big enough to house all the Fae in the region, the thing simply couldn't be moved. And none of the other Faeries would dare touch it. End of the world and all that.

Convinced that all was well, Belle fell to her knees behind the bush and sighed at the sight of Roarke’s chiseled chest rising from the steaming liquid, water sluicing down his narrow waist to the dark thatch of fur that hid his… She arched her neck to try and catch a glimpse of his dick. Belle gasped. Oh my. His sweet cock rose, thick and hard against the water's current.

Sweet goddess he was big.

She gripped the frozen bush in awe, and let all manner of wicked thoughts erupt in her mind. What would he be like, this lawman? Would he be wild or controlled? Belle licked her lips. Her breasts grew heavy and sensitive against the airy material of her robe of office. She bit back a groan. Cream slicked her panties at the thought of him tying her up. Punishing her for being naughty. She bit back a giggle shaking her head at her silly thoughts.

Roarke wasn't interested in fun. Every time he saw her he stiffened and glared, his sensual lips thinning in disproval. Her heart fluttered in pain. She snorted softly, shoving her pain deep down.

What did his opinion matter? He wasn't her type anyway. She bit her lip and tried to convince herself to stop watching.

Roarke walked to the water's edge and caressed the golden gheji flowers growing abundantly around the spring despite the winter chill. What was he doing? One elegant hand carefully manipulated the plant, forcing it to pour its nectar into his waiting palm. The nectar was gathered in time for the holiday feasts to drink from, and for the women, to bathe in. It moisturized your skin.

She gasped. He wasn't! His long fingers spread it over his hand. Belle pinched her nipples, her thoughts churning in shock. Roarke was going to do it.

He fisted his proud cock and slowly pumped the rigid shaft. Belle bit her lip and slipped a desperate hand under her skirt and into her panties. Her pussy was already soaked at the thought of watching something so forbidden. The lawmen of their people only took one mate, ever. While the idea of monogamy was foreign to Belle, she could appreciate this moment of hard quaking lust.

He rubbed his thumb over the swollen head and bit his unbelievably kissable lip. Belle rubbed around her clit, driving her own body to a soft tremble of anticipation. He stroked and she lightly rubbed her sensitive nubbin. A moan escaped on a soft sigh and she fought to keep her mouth shut. If he caught her…she shuddered in fear of having her duty stripped from her shoulders.

The idea of getting caught tickled something dark inside and added an edge of excitement to her innocent peek. He stroked harder, pulling his thick cock in sweet torture. The elegant lines of his face contorted in ecstasy and Belle responded in return.

She slipped two fingers into her dripping channel, wanting and wishing for Roarke to take her. Belle closed her eyes and imagined the thick head teasing her pussy. She rubbed the sensitive slit, teasing and caressing. He'd enter her slowly, fucking her soft pussy until she came.

Tension roiled deep within her core, winding her tighter until sparks of electricity shot to her folds. She bit her lip and moaned, desperate to finish with him.

Roarke arched his back, the silver light of winter clinging to his skin like dust. Tension built in Belle's core, mounting to a desperate pinnacle. Roarke tossed his hair spreading his wings, the water sluicing off of them like a caress. He opened his mouth in ecstasy. Pale streams of cum shot from his shaft and she whimpered for a taste. A splinter of light caught in the myriad colors of his delicate wings and Belle gasped, her orgasm ripping through her, rocking her foundation and leaving her shaken. She rocked back on her heels and stared, still holding her quivering mound to ease the tremors. Roarke's wings were touched with the fire of all consuming passion, a mirror image of her own.

She scrambled away from the bank and ran back to the bell, her heart slamming in her chest like a sledgehammer. What did it mean? She shuddered in need. His wings were glorious. A Faerie's wings were sacred. For most of their lives, they hung at their backs, folded and proper, or fluttered when they flew. Only during courtship did they…Belle's cheeks burned in shame.

Roarke's mate should have been the only one to see his wings. Tears burned the back of her eyes, but the image of his passion, his wings extended in all their glory, his cock shining and dark with gheji fluid, seared her mind, lodging there. Sweet goddess, how could such fire hide behind the stiff lipped jerk she'd come to hate so much?

She'd never be able to forget.

Her breath came in soft gasps of shock. No Faerie had ever extended their wings in her presence. Her mind clouded in pain and she bit her knuckle to keep her tears from falling. She touched the solid weight of the bell, trying to find her equilibrium. Through all of her lovers, she'd never once extended her wings in courtship. She'd let them vanish from her own back and her lovers had been amicable about it. Mostly. Up until this moment she thought they got in the way.

She shuddered delicately and stared out over the city proper, confused and afraid that she'd never be able to touch another man again. Her grandmother had told her about the spell of lust that claimed a woman when shown the wings of a suitable mate. Was he the one? Her stomach clenched in a knot of anxiety and the steady hum of need toiled. Belle sat inside the overturned bell and brought her knees up to her chin, resting and wondering what the heck she was supposed to do now.


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