Among the Stones

Among the Stones

Lizzie T. Leaf

Again and Again

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Stonehenge is the sacred site Lilly desires to visit more than any other place in the world. Little does she know that her trip Among the Stones is about to irrevocably change her life.

Follow Lilly's story as she discovers the truth about an ancient couple who dared to love Among the Stones.

PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-008-2
CATEGORIES: Erotica, Historical, Paranormal, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: reincarnation, Stonehenge, paranormal romance, steamy romance, historical romance

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As we approached our destination, Alan, our tour guide, cautioned us to be careful stepping over the ropes that blocked access for the normal tourists who came in droves. This tour was special since we could disregard the barrier and go among the stones.

“I’m going to let you take a look around on your own. The sun will rise in a few minutes and if you look between those two standing sarsen stones,” he pointed to two large pillars with a heavy lintel across the top, “you will see an amazing site—if you catch it at the right moment. Be careful. There was a heavy frost last night and the grass is slippery. Don’t want anyone to fall and crack their head.” He laughed at his little joke.

I stood and admired the prehistoric site that time and man have ravaged. At one time, in the center of the circle, stood a horseshoe of high, sarsen stone uprights. Encircling this arrangement, another ring of vertical stones stood proudly, capped by horizontal lintels. Unfortunately, only a few managed to maintain their caps and remain standing tall.

From my study of Stonehenge’s history, I know the argument still rages over how people five thousand years ago accomplished this magnificent achievement with their crude tools. These huge stones aren’t native to this region. Neither, are the remaining smaller bluestones within the circle. Being lighter, a lot of them have disappeared over time.

Walking over to a bluestone, I removed my glove and touched the worn surface. I drew my hand back in surprise. Instead of the cold I anticipated, my fingers encountered a warm sensation...very warm, in fact. How strange that I would pick up heat from a rock on such a cold morning.

I shrugged off the prickling of hairs on my neck and ignored the sensation of déjà vu. The crunch of the icy grass under my feet, the colors of the stones, all seemed familiar…almost like I’d come home at last.

Puzzled, I moved away to position myself for the sunrise view Alan promised would be worthwhile. He was right. As the orange ball of fire rose upon the horizon, a brilliant light appeared between the two massive sarsens. I raised my camera and snapped several shots as quickly as I could. Being fast with the shutter was a good thing because the rays pouring through the stone framed opening disappeared quickly.

I wandered around the stones, some standing upright, others lying on their side, and touched them with my fingers. Leaning against a larger one, I studied the surrounding circle. My heart thundered in my chest as I spied a group of low stones clustered together. Not understanding the need, I was compelled to go to them. My feet, with a will of their own, moved toward the grouping. Fear ran through my body like an electrical current.

I stood there for a moment and wondered if I should take the path weaving between the smaller pair of stones and that would bring me to the larger flat surface. The map I held showed this to be the altar stone. Once again, of their own accord, my feet moved forward and I found myself between two stones about waist high.

A wave of dizziness washed over me and I fought back the nausea, resisting the urge to throw up. I reached out to brace myself to keep from falling and heard the sound of Alan’s voice explaining something to one of my fellow travelers.

For a moment, his voice held me in this time and I tried to call out to him. I’d heard his voice before in a different time, in a different life. Grey fog descended, encompassing me in a misty darkness, blocking everything but the roaring sound in my ears. The pounding of my heart emphasized a terror like I’ve never known before. My body went numb and I fell, transcending into to someone else.

When I came back from what had to have been a dream, I was on a stretcher, paramedics hovering, and Alan leaning over me, concern reflected in his deep blue eyes. “Are you okay?” His voice conveyed the same worry I saw in his eyes.

“Fine,” I mumbled and attempted to sit up only to find myself strapped down.

“Take it easy.” Alan reached out and stroked my arm. “What happened? Can I contact someone for you?”

“No, no one.” Other than a few casual friends, I had no one to turn to. My parents died several years ago in an auto crash and I’d never had strong ties to my distant cousins. “I don’t know what happened. Just felt dizzy. Guess I should have eaten breakfast.”

I laughed at my foolishness, hoping he didn’t catch the fact I was lying through my teeth. A scream fought to escape my throat and I clamped my lips together to hold it back. If I gave in to it I was positive I’d slip forever into madness. There was no way in hell he, or anyone else, would believe what happened.

How could they when I had trouble believing myself? The one thing I knew for sure…it was no dream.


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