A Scarlet Memoir

A Scarlet Memoir

Tess MacKall

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But a life littered with men and broken promises leaves her craving more. Diana longs for someone to touch her heart as well as her body. Running from the wealthy man who abuses her, she finds herself in the arms of the man of her dreams. Is it really just a chance encounter, or has her past caught up to her?


PUBLISHED BY: Alpheratz Press
ISBN: 978-1-907623-13-4
CATEGORIES: Erotica, BDSM, Multiple Partners
KEYWORDS: alpheratz press, tess mackall, scarlet memoir, erotic, erotica, adult, bdsm, bondage, submisson, domination, photography, mistress, kept woman, courtesan,

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G rated excerpt:
Casually draped over the bottle of Shalini, the black silk stocking dangled from the polished marble vanity. The stocking’s mate, tossed aside without care, lay abandoned on the white tile of the bathroom floor.

How prophetic.

One on the cold, barren tile, exposed for all to see against the stark white background, and the other coiled around the lap of luxury, barely hanging on.

I raised my leg from the oversized, sunken tub and smoothed my hand down the calf. Tuberose and vanilla scented the air and filled my nostrils. Lifting the glass of Dom from the silver tray perched on the tub next to me, I leaned back, wondering if the crystal flute was indeed Baccarat. Six years in this gilded cage and I still failed to discern the difference. I sipped the golden liquid, relishing the liveliness of the bubbles as they trickled down my throat, my gaze wandering back to the stockings.

One more night and Vaughn’s jet would take him home—home to his wife. I should have breathed a sigh of relief, but instead, my stomach knotted. Things had been set into motion, and it was time to decide.

Could I go on living a lie?

My mama had begged me not to go with him. Disowned me. I thought I could handle part-time love. After all, at the time I had nothing. Working double shifts in that seedy little diner where he’d found me and using sex whenever I could fit it in just to be able to feel had bled me dry. I craved something.

It had all seemed so magical at first. Vaughn, my Prince Charming, such a handsome man, sophisticated and elegant, so much more than I’d ever dreamed or thought I deserved. Surrounded by luxury, I’d convinced myself I’d left my demons behind, but the past has a way of finding you.

And now I craved something else.

X rated excerpt:

My body trembled, taut with need for release. The riveting sight of the two men spilling their seed had sent my arousal into an upward spiral, and I needed to come down. I closed my eyes and moaned, relaxing against the chaise, allowing the pleasant feel of Vaughn’s touch to quiet my rampant hunger. We all three remained silent for a few minutes, Vaughn rubbing my breasts, and Chris gathering his thoughts, I suspected. I was wet, calm, and more than willing to take it nice and slow.

Below me, Chris moved, but Vaughn’s gentle kneading held me in a state of repose, and I didn’t bother to look to see what Chris was doing. Vaughn’s hands glided across my nipples, and his fingers flicked the tips several times. My hips undulated to the tender tug the stimulation gifted my clit. Somewhere in my mind a soft whir sounded. Without warning, Vaughn pinched both my buds hard, and my eyes flew open. Chris bent over me with two bright pink objects and clipped them to each of the taut nubs. I bolted upright, but Vaughn pulled me back down and held my arms away from my breasts.

“Easy, sweetheart. Kitty Clamps. We’ve used them before. Chris just wants to play. Settle down.”

The initial pain subsided, and the soft vibrations of the clamps’ built-in vibrators fused with my breathing. That tender tug to my clit had just increased tenfold, a tenuous line attached to my plumped peaks, strung to my clit, reverberating inside my sopping wet slit. My ass writhed against the lounger, and my head thrashed back and forth.

In front of me, Chris grabbed my thighs and pulled me down further on the chaise until I lay flat. He lowered his head, burying his face in my slick, succulent folds, and drew one long lick from the bridge between my anus and the portal of my sex, upward to my throbbing clitoris.Sweet relief, oh God, finally. My hips heaved into the air, intent on finding more of the blessed deliverance. The pad of Chris’ tongue flattened and rubbed my pearled nubbin until I could stand no more. A deep prickling sensation emanated from my pointed peaks and spread across my breasts. I pumped my cunt into his mouth, harder, faster. And then it came in a crashing wave of ecstasy and carried me with it to that healing place only orgasm could take me. Centered in the moment, my body ascended into pure rapture, and I screamed.

“Fuck me!”


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